Eine Panne – Dani Peuss

Hallo ihr Lieben und einen wunderschönen Dienstag! Heute möchte ich mit Euch ein Layout teilen, das ich mit dem Juni-Kit von Dani Peuss gestaltet habe.

Dieses Mal habe ich weißen Cardstock verwendet, auf dem ich ganz ganz groß den Titel angebracht habe. Das Foto ist nicht so vielsagend, die Erinnerung aber dafür umso mehr ;-). Deswegen habe ich freihändig einen ganz prominenten Titel gezeichnet und mit der Schere die Buchstaben aus den Juni-Papieren herausgeschnitten.

Damit das blaue Papier noch mehr vom Hintergrund hervorsteht, habe ich die “Pfeile” und die Buchstaben mit einem schwarzen Stift dem Rand entland nachgezogen.

Zum Papier dazu habe ich die Maggie Holmes Die cuts verwendet und danach das Layout mit ganz vielen Klartext Stempelsprüchen ergänzt. Da kamen einige Sets zum Einsatz: “Alltagsmagie”, “Klare Worte”, “Staycation”, “nicht okay” und “unser schönes Zuhause”.

Den Hintergrund habe ich mit einem Distress Oxide Ink und einen meiner Schablonendesigns bei STAMPlorations gestaltet. Dazu könnt ihr mehr auf dem Video, der am Ende dieses Postings zu finden ist, herausfinden.

Alles andere ist eben aus dem Juni-Kit oder vom Klartext. Die roten Pünktchen habe ich mit Nuvo Drops gestaltet und der sarkastisch gemeinter “Happiness”-Stoffband ist zwar bei Dani Peuss gekauft worden, aber von 49 and Market und nicht im Kit inkludiert. Die musste ich einfach haben, weil er sehr vielseitig einsetzbar ist. Und Wunderschön!

Und nun zum Video:

Ich hoffe, dass ich euch etwas inspirieren konnte! Momentan gestalte ich total gerne solche Layouts, die nicht nur die schönen Seiten des Lebens festhalten. Irgendwie ist das auch gleich therapeutisch. Ausserdem finde ich, dass solche Momente auch festgehalten gehören. Denn irgendwann kann man auch darüber wieder lachen und das sind dann die besten Erinnerung im Nachhinein!

Ich wünsche Euch eine wunderschöne, kreative Woche!
xxx, Sanna

Verwendete Materialien:

Daily Art Practice – Day 75

Hello and happy Sunday! This is my take I was supposed to share on Thursday, but never came to it. Having sick peeps in the household just doesn´ t allow much of sharing on the creative front. So now, between myself getting sick and the others feeling a bit better, I am sharing the past days takes.

I honestly don´ t know what I was thinking when I boldly announced I´ d be sharing a post & a video a day for a full year. Not only, that the creating on it´ s own will demand a certain time frame DAILY, but also preparing the videos and taking the photos will add to that. LOL! Yes, it was a bold plan that was doomed to go wrong from the beginning on. But, I made it almost 70 days in a row. Working full time and then fitting all the “dailies” in was a big effort.

And now, having Corona visit our household after two years of being “safe” just threw all nicely layed plans off board. Well, such is life and we run with it whatever it throws on our way, right? It´ s not only been a rough week, it´ s been kinda a rough year so far. I am going to do these 290 or so days, but just cannot promise I am going to be able to catch up and do one a day on the exact day, as I am already late with these. There will be weeks like this in the future too, I suppose. So hope you are still sticking in there with me even though there will be undeliberate breaks between posts, like this week has been.

For this one I used watercolours mainly, then some gesso with my stencil design from STAMPlorations and a Klartext Grunge stamp set. Plus a Klartext sentiment stamp.

Hope life is treating you good at your end! Sending lot´ s of good thoughts to you all. Not only that there is the war and all the horrible things going on at the moment, life has been trowing stones on my path lately. It feels like every time I think I am getting on top of it, life is looking down on me and saying: “Oh, no you don´ t! So you survived that, but let´ s see how you can manage this.” And then trows another obstacle my way. I wonder when there is finally some light at the end of this neverending tunnel. I could use some sunshine for a change.

xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 74

Hello and happy Saturday! I am late posting these, because it´ s been a few rougher days in the family. So this is Wednesday, but only had time and energy to share this today.

For this I used leftover paper strips, book pages, some gesso and my STAMPlorations stencil with Distress Oxide. The paper doll is by Tim Holtz, the stamps again by Klartext and the pink splatters were done with Dina Wakley Gloss Spray.

And here are a few detail photos:

So our kids are down with Corona, I am probably the next to get it. We have all had 3 jabs, so hoping all goes by well and mildly, but still, might not be able to share so much the next days. Just going to share, at least, the ones I have finished earlier this week. My FIL is also not doing so well atm, due to other health issues, so everything has been kinda chaotic and a bit tough the past days.

Hope life is better at your end!
Take care,


Daily Art Practice – Day 56

Hello and happy Saturday! Today´ s page is done and it was a fun one to make. Plenty of stencils and lots of colour :).

I used some of my stencil line stencils (by STAMPlorations) on the background with Distress Oxides, then added Gelatos and Neocolor 2 crayons. After that I stampted with Klartext stamps to the background and added some white gesso stenciled over it. On the very top are wripped strips of the almanac page.

Here are some detail photos:

I hope you enjoyed watching today´ s piece. See you again tomorrow with another daily art piece.
Take care, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 55

Hello and happy Friday! Today´ s page is done and dusted again. Here is what I ended up creating with the Artist Almanac 2022 as my starting point for this day.

I used Distress Oxides with a STAMPlorations stencil, gelatos, Distress Crayons and a Klartext stamp with this page.

And here are some detail photos of today´ s page:

See you again tomorrow with another page!
Take care, Sanna