Holiday Happiness

Hi there! Just some bits and pieces with an older photo on this share today :). I loved creating this simple and easy going layout :). Just added bits and pieces here and there without any further plan, adhered the photo in the middle and that was it!

Not much media in there, no big techniques going on, just fun details and pieces and lots of hidden journaling :). Feels good to make a clean and simple page once and a while!

ps. while you are reading this, I will be sitting in an airplane on my way home from a special trip! More to come on that one 🙂

Wishing you a lovely day,
xxx, Sanna

2 Gedanken zu “Holiday Happiness

  1. I really like this! It has a light and airy feel that sooo goes with the photo….isn’t it ‚freeing‘ to just stick down paper and stickers & add whatever you want??? It’s where this hobby began, I think, & does us good to revisit every now and then:):)