Happiness – The Nifty Pixel

There is a lovely mini kit reveal going on over at The Nifty Pixel site, you better check it out! This mini kit is all about the joy of family and feeling a part of something special:

Such a pretty kit, isn´t it??? ANNNDDDD..the best part??!! -> -> It´s FREEBIE TIME over at The Nifty Pixel. How cool is that!!?? Just follow this link and download your own mini kit!!!

And then to my hybrid layout – it, or course, is all about family, as you might have quessed already 🙂 :

and here are a few detail photos:

Hope you get inspired to try out digi and/or hybrid with this fun mini digi kit. For more inspiration, go to the Nifty Pixel website and check out the galleries at The DigiChick too!

xxx, Sanna

3 Gedanken zu “Happiness – The Nifty Pixel

  1. HAH! So just checked out the freebie…it’s fabulous….& now all my questions from above are answered… They are DIGI elements. AMAZING…love your ‘alterations’ 🙂

  2. OK. So you have excelled yourself here….ADORE that quote….never heard it before. It’s fabulous…… And that house paper….LUUUUUUUV!!! And those 2 photos…same but different……brilliant juxtaposition…..& that house – is it chippy? it works so well AND finally, love those paint [??] splats. New fave:):)