Father´s Day cards

Hello everyone and happy Monday! Today I´m stopping by to share a set of Father´s Day cards. I created these cards from a piece I had been testing various Distress Crayon ideas onto.

I have layers of Distress Crayon added onto a big piece of paper. I was basically testing the ideas Tim Holtz had been sharing on his FB lives onto this particular piece of paper. In the end I had a big piece of bold colours and layers and I didn´t know what to use it for first.

Then I figured I could die cut the piece into smaller circles and use them to create fun cards. I have quite a few and today I´m starting sharing them with the first two. The fun thing is that they all have same techniques on them, but due to the big surface I was working on, every single one has different colours and patterns on them. So in a way, each is a very unique one.

And since the circle centerpiece is very bold on it´s own, I left everything else very clean and simple.

That´s it for today! Do come back this week to see more cards created this way. Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna


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