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Hello there! I have a little card tutorial to share with you today and I am hoping a very special young lady from Brazil will take a peek on this one <3. She had been wishing for card tutorials, so this one is for you, Bea :).

Brush scripts are very trendy at the moment, so I was thinking I might give it a try. First I probably should mention that I didn´t have a proper brush script brush at hand, so I just used a normal paint brush for starters :). The result is not the best, but I it was fun making this card and that is the main point.

I first used a Wycinanka stencil as a stamp and dabbed some blue Distress Ink onto it an pressed it on the card base.

That creates a really nice background pattern for the card.

Next I added some pink and black color splatters onto the background and let them dry.

Then I went over to the brush script experiment. Like I said, I used a regular thin paint brush for this purpose, so my script results were..lets say..interesting :). You definitely will want to try this technique out, but I sould warn you, it needs practice. I need to practice..hard :). But I like the idea of the brush script look alot, so I will come back to this technique when I have some proper brush gear in my stash :).

After I had finished writing random words onto the piece of cardstock, I glued it behind a chipboard frame (by Wycinanka). I then went and adhered a piece of bright and bubbly patterned paper onto the card and then placed the chipboard piece over it. Then I just added a stamped sentiment and decorated the feathers with some glitter glue.

So this is my finished artsy brush script card. I still do like it, even though my script did not end up being that nice. But practice makes the master, right? So I shall practice.

See you soon,
xoxo, Sanna

Used products:
AT DAWN - frames MASK/STENCIL koła, 10x10 cm

7 Gedanken zu “Every day

  1. „Oh, I loved! It’s cool!!! Loved the pink and black splatters! Thank you!!!“ Bia <3 <3 <3

  2. Kiitos sabluunavinkistä! Minulla on tuo sama sabluuna, mutta en ole sitä oikein osannut käyttää. Tätä kokeilenkin heti!

  3. Good on you! Well done with the brush script…..luckily for me, back in 1990, I did a calligraphy course, so I have a lot of the gear from that …..it really is fun to do!!! Love how you have ‚framed‘ your writing…..& the bubbles mask. YUM!!!