“Dream” canvas and another simply stencils idea – Frog Dog Studio

Hi there! Today I´d like to share with you a little step-by-step tutorial on a canvas I created with the Frog Dog Studio May kit.

I started with the vellum paper and used several tones (check out the store for more colours) of Fresco Finish paints with stencils on my Gelli Plate. I kept on adding different paint colors and stencils over each other and also used one of the stamps by Nathalie Kalbach to create as many layers as possible. These are the finished vellum pieces for my canvas.

Then I went along and added some stamp images (N* Studio stamps from the kit) over the prints. I used a dark grey chalk dye ink for this purpose.

I then cut the pieces in half (I am going to use the other half of the gelli prints on another project later) and teared the vellum paper edges for a more grungy look.

I have to confess that I was so into creating at this point, that I forgot to take another picture of what I did next. But it is pretty simple, so I am sure you will get the idea even though I don´t have a photo. I now cut these pieces in half again and rolled them into tiny vellum rolls (I used a regular glue here). Next I took a piece of thin wire and wrapped some of it around each roll for additional detail. Then I left them to dry.

Next I decorated the canvas and I first covered it with white gesso, let that layer dry properly and then applied a layer of crackle paste thu a stencil onto the canvas. Then I just let that layer dry a while too.

Next I applied Fresco Finish paints over the crackle paste. I used “Beach Hut”, “Mermaid” and “Guacamole” tones. I used a regular paint brush for applying the paint and when the canvas was all covered I sprayed some water over the surface and then let it dry again.

After the paint was all dry I grabbed some Lindy´s Stamp Gang color sprays and sprayed teal and green tones over the layer of paint. I let the mists drop/run freely across the canvas as I really like this effect. After this layer was dry, I grabbed some golden iZink and white Liquitex Ink and did the same with those. I love the droplet look and white and gold adds a really nice contrast to the background.

Next I just stamped some black patterns – using on of the N* Studio stamps (from the kit) – onto the background around the area where my vellum rolls would later be. There are also some black ink splatters here and there. I made those with Glimmer Glaze. Then I just glued the vellum rolls down onto the canvas and added the decoration. This is how the finished canvas looks like:

and here are some close-up photos for you:

I hope you have enjoyed this little step-by-step. The stencils I used for the Gelli Plate prints are by The Crafter´s Workshop, just in case you were wondering. The embellishments are all from previous Frog Dog Studio kits.

Have fun with your kit!!!
xoxo, Sanna

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  2. Ich muss ehrlich zugeben, dass ich zuerst nicht so begeistert von den einzelnen Gelli Plate Blättern war. Es war mir persönlich etwas zu viel Misch-Masch und ich habe mich gefragt, was du daraus machen möchtest. ABER das Ergebnis letztendlich hat mich umgehauen! WOW kann ich nur dazu sagen. Ich bin begeistert und es hat mir wieder mal gezeigt, dass man aus etwas, was man vielleicht am Anfang nicht so “toll” gefunden hat, wunderschönes kreieren kann. Man muss nur MUT zur Kreativität haben. Danke, es hat mir ein wenig die Augen geöffnet und gezeigt, dass man offen durch’s Leben gehen sollte! Ein tolles Werk! 🙂 LG Lisa

  3. Fabulous, Sanna – I sooo enjoyed the photos….& IKWYM with being so into what you’re doing that you forgot to take a photo… Those vellum rolls look amazing…loooove this one:):)