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Hi there everyone and happy Monday! Today I´d like to share a DIY wedding present idea with you. If the bride and the groom wish for money, it´s always a fun idea to pack/present it in a fun way. Here is one idea how that could be done:

Step 1: Buy a frame that you can alter and decorate to your liking. This one is very romantic on it´s own and can later be used for family portraits or wedding photos or even honeymoon fotos.

Step 2: Create/come up with creative phrases for each frame and print them out with your color printer onto a patterned paper of your choice. In this case the bride is a fan of pink, so pink was the main color. Each frame has a different text in them. Here is one example of such text: “When short of cash, break the glass here”. You can create personalized phrases for every frame that suit the couple, their lifestyle, their hobbies and what they like for example. That gives the present an even more personalized feeling.

Step 3: Then die cut little hearts next to the printed sentiments and attach the money behind the open area, so that just bits and pieces can be seen (also hide some of the money behind the patterened paper completely, so it will be a nice surprise for the bride and the groom to find even more money hidden behind the die cut heart piece. I used washi tape to attach the money to the patterned paper, so it will not move around when constructing the frame into one piece again. And the washi tape is also easy to remove from the money later.

Step 4: Finally, buy a small “hammer” of some kind and attach it to the frame, so when the newlyweds need the money, they just “break” the glass :). Of course they will not do that IRL, but rather open the frames from behind, but it adds a nice/fun detail to the present. I used a wooden mini  hammer here and painted it pink and white with acrylic paint and attached a small ribbon (and sticker alphas) to make it look more personalized and also a little bit more feminine. The hammer is attached to the frame with two strips of red tacky tape, so it stays on it´s place until opened.

Step 5: After you are done assemblying, wrap the whole frame into cellophane and decorate with romantic ribbons. Also you can attach an envelope to the present and add a card inside.

I´m sorry for the poor photos, but I forgot to take good photos while I was creating, so these ones were quickly taken after the whole thing was finished – thus the poor quality…

Happy crafting,


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