Daily Art Practice w/ 2022 Artist Almanac – Day 1

Hello everyone, like mentioned on my Instagram Account, I am planning on creating a piece every day this year and recording a video to go with it. My first one was a total disaster – the video, not the piece – as I messed up the recording and only have a piece of it to share. BUT I improvised and did a photo-add-on to the video that explains all the steps I did. The total time I used for this page was a little over 7 minutes. And here is the piece:

If you are interested on getting yourself a 2022 artist almanac – here is one possibility to get one – go to Tina Walker´ s Insta – she has all contributors listed and some of them still have calendars available :).

(picture from Tina´ s Insta Account)

I went with the colours from the almanac page and added inks and Posca pen details to the background in same tones. The tag is a recycled piece and I´ ve added a gelli printed leftover piece onto the tag. Then some Klartext “Denglisch” stamp sentiments on top – done with VersaFine Clair ink. The 2022 stickers are by Simple Stories and from the Dani Peuss December Scrapbooking Kit.

The sentiment translates to something like: “Have a good one”! It´ s in “Denglisch” which means a German saying directly translated into English. Only makes sense to German speaking peeps and they find it quite funny. I like these Denglisch stamps so much and wanted to use them on my calendar page. You might be seeing them showing up on regular basis throughout this project :).

I fussy cut the almanac page into smaller bits and added half circles to the background and outlined them with a Stabilo all pen. The leaf pattern on the tag is from the almanac page too. I also love the idea of adding the date to the page for every day. That way I can record daily feelings/thoughts and also see how my “style”/color choices etc. change throughout the year. I am kind of recording my own development with this project. And keeping it short challenges me even more. Here is the video:

Sorry for messing the recording up! But I still hope you get the idea!! I had fun creating this page and am really happy how it turned out – even though I totally panicked while recording and thus messed it all up! Better luck next time, I guess!!

Tomorrow will be another day to play. I might not write so much every day or do a long blog post, but instead just put up the video for you to watch. Because there will be days I for sure can not do a full post and edit the video etc. as there is work and life and family and everything else to be done too :). But I still hope you will enjoy these short takes in incorporating the almanac in my daily practices.

See you tomorrow!!!
xxx, Sanna


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