Daily Art Practice – Day 39

Hello and Happy Wednesday! I make these with the Artist Almanac 2022 as my daily starting point. This is made with the almanac page of February 8th 2022.

For this one I did something else than usual. I added a eco dyed piece of paper to my page, where I wripped a “window” into and hid the almanac page behind the window. Very simple idea, but gives me additional space for one more almanac day.

I hand stitched the edges and added the buttons to be able to close the window. Makes everything very interactive and fun.

This time I used the “Denglisch” stamps again. This sentiment translates to: Don’t talk such a load of nonsense!

I have to be careful to not to add to bulky pages all the time, otherwise the album will get so overly bulky towards the end that the binding will not work out… my plan adding a year in a journal sounded so good in the beginning, but as I go on, I wonder, if it will work out… ;-).

See you again tomorrow! Take care,
xx, Sanna


2 Gedanken zu “Daily Art Practice – Day 39

  1. 2 years ago I did a year challenge…. Each week a collage.
    I was sure I could make that in 1 binding…… so I now make a journal per month 😉🤣
    I like your interpretation is very creative every day

    • Thank you 🙂 – we will see how my plan works out ;-D .. scared already 😀