Creativeworld 2016 – Frankfurt

So I am back home again and it´s really good to be home, BUT I have also had the most amazing experience during the past days!!! I´ve been to Creativeworld in Frankfurt, Germany for the past days and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

I had the opportunity to join the Elizabeth Craft Designs team at their booth and to do demo´s there!! It was my very first international fair where I did product demo´s, so no wonder I was thrilled. Here are some impressions from my trip:

Sanna LippertI was not expecting to be in the same photo with Dyan and Els, but before I knew it, I was asked to join in. Note the wide grin on the photo – it had been an amazing first day at the booth so far and it sure shows. And later at the fair I was even able to chat a little bit with Dyan and it was really very interesting!!

Sanna LippertIn the evening we had some good food together with Dutch, Finnish and Polish crafty friends (from top left: Riikka, Elina, me & Kaarina and from top right: Anna, Minna, Marsha & Birgit). It was a great evening, but I think we all were quite happy to finally get to the hotel and get some sleep after a long day at the fair. I know I was, as I had taken a very early flight that Saturday morning to Frankfurt and after working all day I was really happy to finally get to bed. Besides, I had been so excited to fly, that I didn´t get much sleep the days before 🙂 …

Sanna Lippert  The Elizabeth Craft Designs booth looked very pretty with all the artwork displayed!!!

Sanna LippertNow if you know me, then you know that accidents happen, when I am around knives. Yes, and off all the hobbies in the world I chose this one 😉 … While trying to rescue a paper cutter from falling to the floor I grabbed it and cut my finger in the process. For the next fair I will make sure to bring enough band aid with me 🙂 …

Sanna LippertSanna LippertDuring one lunch break I finally managed to run to The Crafter´s Workshop booth and say hello to Jaime after a long time. It is always good to see her and chat a little – glad she had a free minute for me too. I by the way adore the new stencils!!! So many great designs in there!!

Sanna Lippert This team was so much fun! Just look at the silly faces there!! So many good laughs we had during the fair. They really made me feel welcome and part of the team! Thank you so much for everything, Els, Joep and the rest of the team. You really took such good care of me and I enjoyed working with you very much!

Sanna Lippert Riikka took this picture of me demoing the Silk Microfine Glitter. I was busy showing it to people that came to the fair basically from all over the world. So many interesting and nice people stopped by and I was able to speak Finnish, German and English with them and do the demos in those languages. I also learned a few important words in Czech and met some nice Greek and Cyprian people too – just to mention a few. There were so many nationalities there that I lost count at some point. Did I already say it was really great fun?!

Sanna Lippert  Here are some of my fave Silk Microfine Glitter color combinations from that fair.

Sanna LippertLook at our lanyards with the flowers on them, created by Els ( btw. here is how she did those 😉..). So happy she gave me a few flowers to go with my lanyard. There had been quite a few people admiring those and I´m so proud to have that piece at home as a reminder of fun times in Frankfurt!!

Sanna LippertI didn´t manage to visit all the pavillions – it is quite a big fair. At Creativeworld, there was quite a lot of street art theme going on. Just look at those walls – we were actually able to watch the artists at work drawing these live onto the wall as their booth was right next to ours – such talented people!!!

Sanna LippertThe tapes were nicely displayed. I didn´t dare to take a better look than this, as I have quite a big stock of tapes at home. Got to use those first 😉 …

Sanna LippertThat cow was my favorite art piece at the fair, but it sure was not the only amazing artwork I saw. The street art themed area with all the art pieces was just amazing! And the dreamcatchers at the Rayher booth were gorgeous! I was not able to visit many booths, as I was busy working myself, but from what I saw, pens, markers, & street art were really a strong trend. Not to forget mixed media and home deco.

Sanna LippertOur booth was located right around the corner from Prima booth, where Riikka was demoing. We were always waving to each other across the hallway, but hardly had time to chat. Even this photo was a “last minute project”. And I might add that I apparently still need some practise in taking selfies.

Sanna LippertI was so lucky to meet Aisling, who works for Elizabeth Craft Designs. She was so much fun to hang around with and I really enjoyed her company alot and I guess you can really see that in this photo too. We had some really good laughs during the four days!

Sanna LippertThe whole trip was such an amazing experience to me and finally when flying home, I for the first time flew over the Vienna cityscape and the sky was so clear that I could see Schönbrunn and the Viennese Dream on Ice (taking place at the City Hall Square) with all the evening lights on. I´ve actually never flown over the city centre like this before. So another special experience to add to my amazing trip!

I know I am repeating myself, but it truly was a great experience to be able to do demo´s at the fair. I really enjoyed showcasing the products and talking to/with different people. I am taking so many experiences and memories home with me from this trip.


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  1. See. I commented. But it’s GONE!! Why o why does that happen. Anyways I really enjoyed ‘seeing’ the expo through your eyes….FAB photos….interesting bits of info & really lovely to see you having a thoroughly good, if tiring, time!!!