Changes are coming AJ page

Hello lovelies and happy Wednesday! While recovering from my knee surgery during the past weeks, life has been somewhat a rollercoaster ride, and I really haven´t been able to do crafting as much as I would have loved to do, due to mobility and other health issues, which I never thought to be so exhausting and also frustrating.

Art journaling from time to time has given me a media to process all the things that have happened during this process of healing and keeping a journal has been one of the only ways to actually craft at the moment. So it´s kept me sane in a way.

Here is one of my recent ones:

I don´t need much for such a page. Just some watercolors and pens and some random bits and pieces. Easy to do and still a way to get some of my feeling and/or thoughts on paper.

This last one „changes are coming“ is a posivite note. Yes, I´ve been thru alot the past weeks and yes, it was tough at times, but eventually, I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel and the changes happening from now on will be chanelled towards positive changes. So here´s to a start of a new path for me :).

Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna


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