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Hello everyone, how are you all doing and holding up? Hope you are all healthy and doing well. I am still recovering and healing from my cruciate replacement surgery on my knee and cannot do much. So I have been following lots of Facebook Live´s by Dina Wakley and Tim Holtz, for example. Great way to spend time, when you cannot move much :).

Today I´m sharing an art journal page with you that was inspired by one of Tim Holtz Facebook Lives last week (I think?). It´s hard to keep track on which day what happened nowadays. I´m also tagging #timholtzdemo here, because that is what they asked us to do, if we create something.

For this page I used a matte medium on the background first, then adhered the magazine pieces on top and again coated everything with matte medium. When everything was properly dry, I started adding Distress Crayons (Tim showed this technique on FB and I loved it!) onto the background.

I always added a small area, then using my finger, spreaded/worked the crayon colours onto the background. After doing all areas, I then took some STAMPlorations stencils (my line there) and using a baby wipe, wiped thru then stencil. This way the crayon was lifted from the background and “white” areas appeared.

For finishing touches I just added some details with black ink (splatters) and acrylic markes onto the magazine images.

I love the rich colours and the general look of this page! This was so much fun! And doable from the comfort of my sofa aka “home recovery area” :).

Wishing you a great Sunday!
xxx, Sanna


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