Celebrate – SST, card challenge – round 5

Hello there!! Time to share my card for the final round of the Supreme Scrap Tournament 2014 :). I had been creating this yesterday evening and had my fingers covered with so much glue, that I had to take breaks from creating to clean them in between :D. Like share a few posts back, we first had to choose a bunch of trash and two pieces of patterned paper. I will show my choices here again – it will hopefully help when trying to figure out the numbers on finished card.

and this is what I created:

We were supposed to use at least half of the patterned paper and I wanted to use as much as I could, so I cut the papers in half creating triangles and glued them together slightly overlapping each other. Then I just started creating DIY flowers by cutting strips of paper/fabric/foil (tissue paper, brown packaging paper, pillow case fabric, paper towel) and rolling them into flowers (this is the part where I had more glue on my fingers rather than on the papers :)…). After I had made a reasonably big amount of flowers, I started to fussy cut leaves. They are made out of gold foil (chocolate paper), perfume packaging, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard and out of the paper clips.

I also used white gesso and stamped with the bubble wrap and with the Glue Glider tape roll pieces some patterns on the patterned papers. The cord/yarn I is peeking thru here and there between the flowers and the flowers and leaves hold it down. I then cut the Glue Glieder tape roll piece into smaller pieces and added those between the flowers for additional decoration and cut some leaves out of the gessoed (from stamping) bubble wrap. There is also the little crown glued down on one of the white “roses” with a glue dot. Remember, I got that from a bra of mine ;-)…

I wanted to add as much flowers as I could, so they actually go over to the backside of the card, too. The sentiment “Celebrate” I wrote using a black pen. It is written on a piece of corrugated cardboard and accompanied by a little flower, some leaves and cord.

If you open the card, you will find the same papers inside the card too and there is a little brown packaging paper piece fussy cut and glued down inside as a place for additional text/wishes. Oh, and the size..this card has the size of 12×6 inches. I didn´t use any die cutting machine for this one. Everything is hand cut and self made. I really had a fun time making this card and I have truly never, ever spent so much time creating a card, but then again, rolling those flowers took AGES :). But if was fun! I´ve really had a good time making these projects!!

Here are some detail photos:

Happy Friday and good luck everyone!! It has been a lot of fun!
xoxo, Sanna

10 Gedanken zu “Celebrate – SST, card challenge – round 5

  1. BRA-vo (!!!!!!) Sanna – just ABSOUTELY stupendous…..wonderful job & I love the way you’ve wrapped the flowers around the card::))))

  2. Dazu fällt mir nur ein Wort ein: WOW! Ich bin sprachlos, so begeistert bin ich vom Ergebnis. Ich war schon sehr gespannt drauf, was du aus all dem Material zaubern wirst, aber diese Karte übertrifft alles! Toi Toi Toi beim Bewerb! 🙂 LG Lisa

  3. Sanna this is amazing. What beautiful flowers. That card is a work of art. Good luck… you so deserve to win 😀