Be authentic AJ page

Hello and happy Saturday! Today I´m sharing another art journal face with you. This time, I went with what I grabbed – my color choices are odd (I am not an orange person very much), but I just grabbed something I don´t use that often and went from there.

I also had created random circles onto the background and didn´t like them that much, so I let them “disappear” in the background and added lime green to the orange. I know – quite a color combination, isn´t it? And then there is was, the bold background and I didn´t quite know how to continue. So I just drew a face, I gave her black hair to distrackt a bit from the crazy background colours and I kept her face really simple.

I just drew the eyes, a tiny part of the nose and very simple lips. I didn´t even color her properly. I just added tone to her cheeks and some to the eyes and lips. Then I felt like adding the heavy body paint (by Dina Wakley) thru a stencil on top of it all. And it works really well. After that I added the words/text with a white Posca pen. For finishing touches I added some splatters and black stars in a row with a stamp.

This page is a reminder to be braver and authentic. Each face I make – even though I´m still learning and dabbling in face drawing – has it´s own look, they are genuine in their own way. Unique even. And always a result of different types of feeling from that particular day when I was creating them. So they differ in looks and style. And that´s ok. I´m going more towards quantity when art journaling. That will hopefully lead me to finding my own face drawing style sooner :).

Have a fabulous Saturday and weekend, lovelies!!!
xxx, Sanna


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