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Hello there! I have a confession to make. I own so many rolls of washi tape that I will probably never be able to usem them all, even if I try really hard. But, since I have made this promise to myself for not hoarding my scrapbooking supplies anymore, I started to think how I could use them. Obviously one can use them for making pretty present packaging, pimping up candles and even redecorating one´s keyboard (saw that on Pinterest recently), however that is not going to solve my problem, as I am obviously not going to be able to decorate my keyboard with multiple layers of washi *smiling*.

When I saw the bright and happy October mood palette, I immediately saw a possibility to reduce the washi stash a little bit. Here are two cards I created mainly based on washi tape and then just added a few little details here and there.

I first took a piece of leftover scrap paper (white side) and covered it with random strips of washi tape.

Next I took a circle punch and punched various sized circles out of the with washi covered paper.

And this is what the card looks like. Fast, simple and easy to do. You could also add such elements onto layouts, ATC´s and art journal pages or even wall art pieces. And the bigger the piece, the more washi you can use up -> good for your stash :).

The second card was even faster and easier one to do than the first one. I just adhered washi strips onto the card base, added a doilie and a mistable flower, then stamped a sentiment and grabbed a few enamel dots for additional decoration. Now I have kept to the bright colour palette colours on these cards, but you could naturally choose any color combination you want to/have in your stash. And these two cards are naturally not going to solve my washi problem either, but it is a start and if I made like a set of 10 of each, I´d notice a difference 🙂 !!! Now´s your turn! Have fun!!

Happy crafting, Sanna

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  1. What really cool & brilliantly cheery cards. A truly inspired way to use up washi, and get some very interestingly designed cards. Thanks for sharing this excellent tip and for showing some very pretty cards. Thanks for your recent visit and taking time to leave a comment. I’m looking for a followers list so I can join as a new follower here!

    • thank you, Mary 🙂 I´ll send you a message 🙂
      Hugs, Sanna

  2. Lovely work! I love using up my washi! Except I do just that – I can’t keep up with my demand and I currently have like 4 rolls left! And they are almost finished too! 🙂

    • wow, I that is amazing, Chantal! I might have started the wrong way -> bying too much at once and now not being able to use it all up ;). Have to go and check out what you do with yours…maybe there is hope at the end of the tunnel for me :), xxx,Sanna

  3. Oh my! Clever use of those wash tapes! LOVE how bright and colourful your cards are!

    P/s: I’ve quite a collection of washi tapes too!

  4. See, now I don’t know which one I ♥♥♥ most! They are both totally FABULOUS!! And what a fabulous way of using up that washi stack!!!