Daily Art Practice – April 30th

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I am sharing the last page of September in in my Daily Art Practice Journal which I create using the Artistic Almanac 2022 as my starting point. Also I have a flip-thru video of the month of April for you to see on my YT channel.

For this page I had a hard time figuring out, what to do with the almanac page this time. I have done a few of these brown toned pieces earlier and I didn´ t want to do anything similar. So I just cut the page into pieces and then added them onto a painted background with lots of asemic writing on it. For finishing touches I used a Stabilo all pen, a Signo uni-ball white pen and a Klartext stamp.

The stamp means something like this in english: “The devil is going to take care of it”. Meaning, if someone is being mean to you, don´ t let is ruin your day, because eventually the devil is going to take care of it.

And now here is the video flip-thru for you to watch – hope you enjoy it:

See you again tomorrow with another share, this time for the month of May :).

Take care,
xxx, Sanna