Daily Art Practice – April 20

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today I am sharing yet another page from my Daily Art Practice Journal 2022 which I create using the Artistic Almanac 2022 as my starting point.

For this page I just continued the pattern of the almanac page and added some Klartext stamp stamping on top. I just love this almanac page and tried to continue the same feeling “on my side of the page”.

I used iridescent watercolour paints with acrylic paints, gesso and Neocolor II crayons here. Also, here on the very top you can see the stamping of the day 19 peeking. I missed that part in my previous posts´ photos ;-).

So I have been telling you bits about my surgery, but there are parts that did not go to plan and I haven´ t talked about yet. Becuase I have been a) recovering from the fact that it´ s not all as it is supposed to be and b) processing the news for myself the past week.

After surgery situation is that my left vocal cord got injured. If the injury is permanent, one cannot tell yet. It will either stay as is or recover in time (this might take 4-6 weeks). So you can imagine how I´ ve been worried and scared the past days. I know there are more horrible things to happen to someone, but I use my voice every day and when it´ s not working, it is scary. I truly hope it will get better during the next weeks.

I know we all carry something with us that the others know nothing of, so therefore, I send you all my very best wishes, strength with whatever you are struggling with and a virtual hug! Take care!

Have a great day!!
xxx, Sanna