Daily Art Practice – April 18th

Hello and happy Friday! Today I am sharing another Daily Art Practice page from my journal. This one, again, is done using the Artistic Almanac 2022 as a starting point.

For this page I simply continued the pattern of the Almanac page in a matter that I thought it would continue outside the piece. I used Posca´ s and Distress Crayons for creating the areas. Also some Klartext stamping is included – this time another “Denglish” sentiment. I love those!

I finished the page off with some Stabilo all pencil droplets. It´ s now been a week since my surgery. I cannot wait to get this journey behind me and start another one – this time without yearly surgery appointments!! It´ s been a rough few years. I need a break from all that now.

Here´ s to better times and endings!
xxx, Sanna