#the100dayproject – Days 66-70

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I´m shortly sharing the next faces of my personal #the100dayproject2021 challenge. Like mentioned before I drew a face a day on a pre-prepared, die cut tag. You can also see all the posts on my Instagram account (here), since I am now done with the drawing challenge. And you can also watch all the videos directly on my YouTube channel too (here).

Day 66

See the video here!

Day 67

See the video here!

Day 68

For days´s 68-70 there is no video, because I didn´t have time for that. Just this diashow.

Day 69

Day 70

My absolute favorite of this set if the first one! I took more time for it, than just 15 minutes. I did plenty of shading, layers of colours and I love how the eye turned out. Even if it´s just a half face, I´m really happy with it. Also the nose turned out almost realistic and good in shape. At this point I really felt like I had found my way of drawing faces and was really enjoying the process.

For some of the faces I didn´t record a video because I was thinking that they are all pretty much the same anyway, so I just posted photos of the finished faces on my Insta and then created a diashow for YouTube. But later I again returned to recording the process, because it´s also something I might return to later after not drawing a face for a while I might need a reminder how I did it in the first place :).

And I really enjoy the softness of the Neocolor 2´s! They are my kind of crayons. It felt easier adding shadows with them, because they face in nicely and you can add depth by adding layers on top of each other.

Happy drawing,
xxx, Sanna


2 Gedanken zu “#the100dayproject – Days 66-70

  1. Your faces are amazing. Creating a new tag every day is a huge commitment, but in this process you have become a true portrait master. Love, love them all!
    Ihania koko sarja. Tämän sarjan syntymistä on ollut niin huippua seurata!

    • Kiitos <3 , näitä on kyllä ollut myös hauska tehdä !!!! Thank you!!! It has been a fun journey!!