Thankful – the long post with no photos

Hello there, lovelies! I am today sitting by my computer for the first time after a long while (good thing such things like pre-planning and scheduling work on blogs and social media :)…) and thinking about the past year. I am feeling very thankful today – the past year was really good to me (<- now, looking back at it) and I am not talking about the things I have reached scrappy wise.

Now there has been some really tough ups and downs in my life the years before and at some point I didn´t even have the strength to start to believe it would ever turn for better. Now don´t get me wrong, I am not a person who gives up easily – I am actually quite goal oriented and always have my brain on “thinking modus”. Even my hubs sometimes gets annoyed – he tells me he actually can hear me think *lol*.

But this past year has been different for some reason. At some point I just stopped rushing from one thing to another and looked around me – I started to think more about what is it that is really important in my life. I stopped following goals I felt I needed to fulfill. Now these goals were subconscious goals that I had felt I needed to reach, because the people around me (parents, friends etc.) were expecting me to reach. And the funny thing is that they probably even didn´t expect such things from me – this idea just had manifested itself in my mind for some reason. And then I stopped… stopped being so hard on myself all the time. Like when I had achieved something, I never felt that good about it, but always had the feeling like well this is now done, what next. Never really cherishing the things I had achieved so far.

And from that point on my year changed. Turned totally upside down. And it brought so many good things into my life. I had more energy again. I felt more in peace with myself. And also with my friends and loved ones.

I set new kinds of goals. But this time they were ones that I really wanted to reach, not for someone else´s sake, but for my own wellbeing. I started with a diet. I really put my mind into it and lost lots of weight in quite a short time. I now wear two dress sizes smaller clothes and it feels really good to feel prettier again. I had not been feeling like that for a long time – I am apparently the kind of person that  puts up with quite a lot of stress, but the downside of it is, that I therefore look for comfort in food. Not a good plan…

This is the point were I need to say a big thank you to a person that has been supporting me thru this journey of loosing weight. She is someone who entered my life in this phase and instead of making the choices the “old me” would have made (like telling myself, I was fine, even if I wasn´t), I did the opposite and that was the best thing I ever did. She has been there to listen and to support me all the way. I am very, very thankful for that. Sometimes it is just enough that there is someone who really listens. Thank you for listening.

Then there was an “incident” with my hair. During summer I still had the long, curly hair. A decision at the hairdressers one summer day got the ball rolling. I didn´t realize or see the good in it all at that point. I shed a few tears while watching my burned hair fall down on the floor and was really in shock for quite a few days. I avoided the mirror even. Didn´t want to see my image. I had lovely friends tell me (not only once) that it was all good and it actually looked not “that bad”. You know who you are, lovelies, therefore not mentioning any names here. And since there was nothing I could do to change the fact that I suddenly had short hair, I just had to learn to live with it. And slowly I started to realize that it actually was not all that bad. And now, well now I am wearing a pixie – as in very short hair – and I love it. Love, love, love it! And even hubs told me yesterday that I should stick with this one. Which, honestly, has been one of the best compliments I have ever had. So I am thankful for that stupid hair accident too. The coin always has two sides, doesn´t it!!

And friends. My dear, beloved friends. They are the spice of life, really. And sometimes they throw things into your face and leave you speechless with their honesty, but just because of that they are the ones that keep you grounded and keep you going. So today I am feeling very thankful for all the old and new friends I have in my life. Thank you for being there, I would not want to miss a single one of you in my life!!

And then there is travels. If somehow possible, I would travel and try to see as many places on this earth as possible. For a while I had been putting those dreams aside, because life just does not work like in fairytales, does it ;-). There is always something that comes in between – usually called the daily life. This year we made a conscious decision to do more traveling. And it was a really good one. We did quite a few travels this year and it gave us so much. Visited friends, family, loved ones. Went places we had never been before and it gave us so much as family too. I am very, very thankful for all the trips we did this year! Not only because of the places we went, but because of the people we visited/met.

So it all comes down to people this year. I am not going to list down my favorite work this time. Why? Because I feel that every single artwork I created this year, has a story that needed to be told. Every single one is special to me in some way. I like creating, so I also stand behind the outcome :). They are all listed here and here – if you want to take a look. They are my creative babies and I am happy I made them. I like being creative. Full stop.

Last year I set up a goal to visit more blogs and comment more. What happened to that? I just never quite made it, not the way I wanted to make it. I got better in it, but am far from being happy with it. I wanted to visit so many blogs, make more time for reading and commenting, but time somehow was really scarce. I really admire some scrappy friends of mine for doing all that commenting they do. BUT, I appreciate every single comment I get here. EVERY SINGLE ONE! I cherish them! I am thankful for all of you who come over here and leave a comment. I love reading them. They make me laugh, they make me giggle at times and they always make me happy. Thank you for coming over here and spending time here with me – well, in a way. You know what I mean :). And this year, maybe, I can do even better than last year..

And this brings me back to this hobby. What an amazing hobby we have, people! Not only because of the lovely bits and pieces of paper, embellishments and media we can play with, no, but because of the people we get to know thru our hobby. I have gained so many (first) scrappy friends thru this hobby. And they have turned into real, life long friendships. And these friends are scattered all around the globe! I am really thankful for being able to call them my friends!!! So many amazing friendships have started thru this hobby. Feeling very thankful today for being able to call you my friends!!

My one little word for 2014 was “dare”. Looking back it somehow really sums up the past year. Another word for it could have been change. But dare quite well covers it all. I was daring, did some changes for better and ended up being really grateful and thankful for every single experience I made this year. Well…some of them took me long to see the positive side of them, but in the end they were all there for the good. You just need to try and see beyond the negative and stay more positive.

So how about this year. It is all still very fresh and young – the year has merely started yet. I am going to try to make the best of it, cherish it, going to try to see the positive in it. I write these words down today to remind me on what has happened so far, what I have learned and to remind me to stay positive and believe in myself. Thank you for being a part of my bloggy, scrappy and/or personal journey called life. Have a good year everyone and make the best of it!!

Now this was a really long post – if you made it all the way to the end, thank you for reading!! There would be some more things to write about, but I think I´ve exceeded the timely limits of a bearable blog post already ;-)…

xxx, Sanna

12 Gedanken zu “Thankful – the long post with no photos

  1. Liebe Sanna!

    Du sprichst einem aus der Seele!!! Dass du das alles in einen relativ kurzen Post reingebracht hast. Wow. Ich hätte damit wahrscheinlich ein ganzes Buch gefüllt, hihi. Aber das Schönste an dem ganzen ist, dass einen die Erkenntnis am Ende stark macht und das ist alles was zählt. Alles Liebe für dich und deine Lieben!!!

    Liebe Grüße, Doris

    P.S.: Celina wünscht immer jeden einen Kuchen und viele Schokomuffins mit Smarties drauf. Zitat: “Das macht so glücklich.” :o)

  2. Loved reading your post, Sanna. I’ve been nodding my head throughout, totally getting what you are saying. It’s a beautiful post. Wishing you great joy and happiness for the year and years to come.:)

  3. Sanna, I so admire you for sharing your year with us! What a lot of triumphs, and a whole host of accomplishments! Congratulations and wishing you a healthy, happy and totally fabulous 2015!

  4. Sheesh, woman! You almost made me cry at SEVERAL points in this post…..feel sooo proud of you achieving what you have in the course of this year, but even more, becoming comfortable and confident in the person that you have become. Skinny. Short haired!!!! And it may NOT have happened this way….& that would have been OK too…but it has & I am sooooooo happy for you in your journey thus far. May 2015 be the Best Year of Sanna to date:):)

  5. Fab posting Sanna. Great attitude and great to read your honesty. Happy 2015. Keep the creativity flowing.