Daily Art Practice – Day 6

Hello and happy Friday! It´ s been one week of Daily Art Practice now. Only 51 more weeks to go (oh my..!). So far I´ ve enjoyed the short daily processes alot. The more time consuming part of this is obviously preparing the post and the video. It all actually takes more time than just creating the piece. But I am trying to keep it all very simple and don´ t edit that much. That way it´ s easier to prepare. Here is day 6:

I used Dina´ s Gloss Paints on the background. I love the bright colours in combination with the almanac page´ s pink tones. I added some Nuvo Drops thru a STAMPlorations stencil in there too, then some old random rub-ons, but they fit in perfectly with the “Denglisch” sentiment, actually. Just a fun thing, not planned, and it turned out good. Now to the video:

I have already prepared a place for these 3 tags from the past days – they will be interactive on a page and behind them will be at least one more day or maybe even two. Let´ s see how my plan works out. Here are some details:

See you again tomorrow!!!
xxx, Sanna



Hallo ihr Lieben! Heute möchte ich Euch wieder eine Karte zeigen, die ich in Mixed Media-Stil gestaltet habe. (FOR ENGLISH JUST HIT THE GOOGLE TRANSLATE BUTTON ON THE SIDE BAR!) Ich habe kürzlich ja meine neun meis geliketen Werke aus dem Jahr 2021 auf Instagram geteilt. Da waren ganz viele Mixed Media-Werke dabei und das hat mich wieder daran erinnert, welche zu gestalten. Mixed Media macht mir unheimlich viel Spass!! Deswegen heute auch wieder eine Karte in diesem Stil.

Auf dem Hintergrund habe ich ganz viele Dina Wakley Gloss Sprays verwendet. Diese Pinktöne lassen mein Herz höher schlagen :). Und dazu die mit Sprühfahben behandelte Borte und ein gestempelter Spruch von Klartext. Passt alles einfach super zusammen!

Auf dem Hintergrund habe ich auch etwas Krakelierpaste von Tonic Studios mit einer Schablone von STAMPlorations verwendet. Dazu einige freihändig geschnittene Regentropfen, ein paar Wörte aus einem Griechisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch und ein Paper Doll von Tim Holtz. Ganz viele verrückte Details miteinander gemischt auf einer Karte und ich mags genau so. Bunt und lebendig!

Ich wünsche Euch einen schönen Feiertag und ein schönes, langes Wochenende!!!
xxx, Sanna

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I don´ t care

Hello and happy Friday! I have a card share up for today, even though I first planned on not posting until January. Oh well! But then I played a little and as a result this card was born :).

I did the #bestnine2021 grid the other day and noticed that most of the projects on that list were mixed media ones. And while I saw them, I remembered how much fun I had while creating the projects. And as a result, this card was born.

If you are interested on seeing my top nine posts from 2021 – here they are:

Most of the projects are from the 5 minute mixed media project sessions. And funny enough, my first reel got really many likes too and landed on this grid. And really many peeps also liked my CAS Christmas tags I did with Klartext stamps. So many of you also love clean and simple in addition to mixed media. I do jump in between both styles, depending on what I´ m working on. What is not on this grid are some of the faces I did for “the100daychallenge”. I personally liked them alot, but I guess they were not everyones cup of tea :). I like doing these grids at the end of year – mainly to see a selection of a years work, rather than to see what someone liked and didn´ t like.

Another interesting thing I like to do, is the Year Of Colour grid/report. I find it interesting to see what colours dominated in my work during a certain time period. I am a huge fan of yellow – always have been, since I was little. I cannot say why, it just is a colour that makes me feel happy and makes me smile. What surprises me this year, is the amount of red in that picture. So much red!! I haven´ t been feeling red for a while. Therefore it is a big surprise. The blues, the greens and even the purples are more me.

I find strong pink tones very appealing at the moment, like on the card here – maybe that will be my dominating colour next year? Who knows :). I haven´ t decided on my word for 2022 yet. Have you? For some reason I long for peace. Might be that my word turns out to be calm, peace, calmness, peace of mind or something like that.

How about you? Did you do your #bestnine this year? I´ d love to see them!! Also, what were your colours this year and why do you think those colours in particular accompnied you? Also what about your word for 2022? Any preferences there? I´ d love to hear from you!!!

xxx, Sanna


Christmas card set, Vol. 2

Hello and happy Saturday! Today I´ m again sharing another stash busting project, combined with newer product. I´ ve used stickers from back in the day with Studio Tekturek and Dani Peuss Klartext stamps.

The paper is by Studio Tekturek and the stickers are my own very old stash. The stamp is by Klartext (available at Dani Peuss) and the cute fox wax seal was gifted to me by my lovely friend Lizzy :).

I love these snowmen so much, I guess that is why I have been saving them so long. They just look so cute and immediately make one smile :).

For the next card I used the same sticker series, combined it with a Elizabeth Craft Designs die cut background piece and added all on top of the cute Studio Tekturek paper. The stamping on the background is done with Distress Oxides in pink and light blue and the stamp is by Klartext again.

Just a fun way to add some interest to the background. I also sneaked some Nuvo Drops into both cards. I like a little sparkle around Christmas time. I think it´ s because of the dark, long days that I find sparkle so attractive. When light hits the sparkly parts, it´ s for me like fake sunrays and that somehow lifts my spirits. In the summertime I don´ t need so much sparkle.

Hope your day is great! We had SNOW the other day, quite much too, actually, for this region. And I really enjoyed seeing snow. I love how quiet it gets outside when it´ s snowing and also how much more light there seems to be around, only because of the snow. I wished it would stay until Christmas, but it rarely does.

xxx, Sanna


Frohe Weihnachten – Dani Peuss

Hallo Ihr Lieben!! Heute möchte ich euch wieder einmal eine Weihnachtskarte zeigen, die ich mit dem Dani Peuss Dezember Scrapbooking Kit & Klartext Stempeln gestaltet habe.

Ich dachte, dass ich euch auch gleich zeige, wie ich diese Karte gemacht habe:

Als Erstes habe ich das Stempelset “Grunge” von Klartext mit Distress Oxide Iced Spruce verwendet und damit einen Hintergrund für meine Karte gestempelt.

Danach habe ich das Schneeflockenpapier aus dem Dezember DP Scrapbooking Kit (von Vicki Boutin – Warm Wishes Kollektion) genommen und mit einer Schneeflockenstanze 5 Schneeflocken gestanzt. Hierfür könnt ihr natürlich auch die cuts oder mit Hilfe einer Silhouette etc. Schneeflocken gestalten. Dazu habe ich noch “Kleckse” mit Distress Oxide “Salvaged Patina” auf den Hintergrund gestempelt und die Schneeflocken in einer Reihe arrangiert.

Danach habe ich mit Iced Spruce und dem “13 Mal Frohe Weihnachten” Klartext Stempelset einen Spruch auf die Karte gestempelt (im Bannerform auf einen Streifen weißes Papier).

Nachdem ich den Streifen auf die Schneeflocken aufgeklebt hatte, habe ich noch ein paar Nuvo Drops zur Dekoration um den Spruch herum platziert. Die Farbe (Nuvo; Duck Egg) passt perfekt zu den papieren und verwendeten Stempelfarben dazu.

Ich mag diese Karte sehr. Sie hat Dimension und ist trotzdem flach genug um in ein Kuvert gesteckt zu werden. Und auch so schön Clean and Simple, obwohl das Papier doch an sich relativ bunt und lebendig wirkt, aber in kleinen Mengen verwendet viel ruhiger aussieht.

Ich hoffe, dass ich Euch ein wenig inspirieren konnte mit meiner Karte. Ich werde bestimmt noch ein paar weitere Karten auf diese Art gestalten, denn die bunten Papiere im Kit schreien förmlich danach :).

Habt einen schönen Tag,
xxx, Sanna

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