Christmas card set

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today I am again quickly stopping by to share another set of Christmas cards with you.

For these cards I have used the die cut trees left over from my previous cards and simply picked up a very bold colored background to go with a white tree and sentiment.

For the baubles I´ ve used liquid pearls and Nuvo Drops in somewhat matching colours.

And for outlining I used the Signo uni-ball white pen on every card.

Simple and easy cards and flat – so also easier to mail.

The stamped sentiments are done with Klartext stamps again.

I think I need some more Christmas sentiment stamps in German and maybe a few ones in Finnish too, I already have plenty in English in my stash.

I am still thinking of creating a few “not so simple” cards for this season too. Let´ s see what I can come up with. Until then, take care!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – May 29-31

Hello and happy Monday! Today I am again sharing 3 tiny pages from my DAP-Journal.

For this first one I used the almanac page and combined some magazine pages and words to it. The words translate to: “Categories: natural and artificial”.

For this one I created a centerpiece from the almanac page and added magazine pages in similar colours around it and then stamped some Klartext stamp images and wrote a word to accompany them. This one translates to: “Sincerely don´ t care”.

For the last piece I did pretty uch the same. I added some magazine page bits to the almanac page, then took some leftover pieces from previous almanac pages and added them in between and finished the page off with some gesso here and there and then fussy cut washi tape words. This washi is from Studio Calico from way back, when I used to subscribe their kits.

So this was May. I will share a flip-thru video of the May pages soon and then continue sharing June. I bet I cannot finish this journal by the end of this year, but it is not easy posting a page a day constantly. Life usually gets in between ;-).

Take care,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Journal – May 4th

Hello and happy Saturday! here is my next Daily Art Journal page for the May 4th:

I didn´ t quite figure out, how to use this particular piece, so I cut the picture of the flowers apart from the rest of the almanac page and simple cut a magazine page (the big chunky curtain) and added the flower “painting” on top of it. Then I cut some additional pieces from a magazine page (the Scrabble word “ART”) and added them to the page.

The sentiment on the page is also from the almanac page. Other than that it is just simple cutting, adding and adhering :). Something very different this time :).

Have a great weekend!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – April 30th

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I am sharing the last page of September in in my Daily Art Practice Journal which I create using the Artistic Almanac 2022 as my starting point. Also I have a flip-thru video of the month of April for you to see on my YT channel.

For this page I had a hard time figuring out, what to do with the almanac page this time. I have done a few of these brown toned pieces earlier and I didn´ t want to do anything similar. So I just cut the page into pieces and then added them onto a painted background with lots of asemic writing on it. For finishing touches I used a Stabilo all pen, a Signo uni-ball white pen and a Klartext stamp.

The stamp means something like this in english: “The devil is going to take care of it”. Meaning, if someone is being mean to you, don´ t let is ruin your day, because eventually the devil is going to take care of it.

And now here is the video flip-thru for you to watch – hope you enjoy it:

See you again tomorrow with another share, this time for the month of May :).

Take care,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – April 25th

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today I am sharing another Daily Art Practice page from my journal. This one, again, is done using the Artistic Almanac 2022 as a starting point.

For this page I simply used pearlescent watercolours on a partly gessoed page and then added marks with a white Signo uni-ball pen on top after the watercolour had dried.

I find the artistic almanac very inspiring, because thru every single page one is challenged to try out something one has possibly not tried to do before. Now, some may say I am just copying the particular day´ s page and not doing anything unique with it. TRUE also, BUT I am also testing out ideas and techniques other creatives have to see how if feels like and maybe thru this process will learn something new and also might develop my own personal way of creating. This is why I enjoy this almanac so much. It´ s about the personal creative developent and challenge for me.

Have a great week, lovelies!
xxx, Sanna