Daily Art Practice – Day 44

Hello and happy Monday! Today´ s daily art piece is live. For this particular almanac page I at first didn´ t have any idea what to do with. I really liked the flowers, but they were very tiny, so it was hard to replicate them into a full page and then it hit me.

Just cut the flowers off and add them to a dark background and put some asemic writing on top! I really like how it worked out!

Here are some detail photos:

On top of it all there are some droplets of Scribble Sticks and of course a Klartext “Denglisch” stamp again. Easy page, but so much fun!

xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 24

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today´ s Daily Art Practice page is again done and dusted. I really, really like pink and yellow in combination. Always cheers me up! Therefore today again pink and yellow on the page!

Here is the video for the steps:

And here are some detail photos:

I had so much fun with this one. Loved adding the colours and then the flowers. And the sentiment is a cool one too! Translates to: “Don´ t pi.. me off!” Sorry for the language, but that is what is means..

Hope your week has started out well – see you again tomorrow!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 21

Hello and happy Saturday! Today´ s page is for a change a full / bigger one. I really struggled with this one, because I just didn´ t know where I wanted to go with it.

All I knew is that I wanted to use magenta and yellow. I also had a very old washi tape that just would not work properly – I hardly could get it from the roll!!! Took me ages just to do those bits.

So the page was full of frustrating moments and cluelesness. I therefore like the denglisch sentiment here so much. It says “sponge over it” which translated means something like: “forget it” / “let´ s move on” / “no hard feelings”.

Here is the video to my chaos page of today:

and some detail photos:

See you again tomorrow with a hopefully better page. Now to enjoy the weekend!
xxx, Sanna


#tuac5minchallenge – Day 11

Hello and happy Wednesday! Mid week – yay!! Here is my take for Day 11 at The Ugly Art Club´s #tuac5minchallenge. Now that you already know what this is about I´ll just add the finished piece and the video every day to save time.

You can find all the steps in the video anyway, so no need to write them down and I also try to find alternative products (similar to the used ones) linked to the product list, just in case you want to create something similar yourself.

I again ran out of time. I would have wanted to add more, but forced myself to stop, because the challenge is about keeping the time frame in about 5 minutes.

It´s good practice to try and do only short periods. Usually, when I sit down and work on a project, hours just run by without me noticing. So it´s good to set a timer and show myself that sometimes only a little time is enough. And then there is plenty of time for other stuff too.

Have a great evening!
xxx, Sanna


Scribble stick face

Hello and happy Tuesday!! So I have been doing #the100dayproject for the first time and I´ve been drawing faces on tags for that. It´s almost done now and in between the smaller sized faces I did a few in my art journals too. This one, for example, was one done in just a few minutes with Scribble Sticks by Dina Wakley.

I challenged myself to draw a face as quikly as I could on a canvas page. It was tricky, as canvas moves under the crayon. I also just drew and didn´t presketch anything! Thus the wonky proportions :).

But it was really fun to try this out. I might leave this page as is or come back to it later and add bits and bobs or only use parts of the face or add tags on top. I haven´t figured that part out yet. But it was a fun exercise nevertheless!

We´ll see how this page develops from here ;-). Have a great day!
xxx, Sanna