Happiness ATC set – STAMPlorations Stencil Sunday

Hello lovely people, it´s again time for another STAMPlorations Stencil Sunday. How about some „May Flowers“ themed ATC´s for this Sunday´s post? With lots of color, layers and happiness :). Remember, last month I did a set themed „April Showers“, so I thought I might as well add to the theme and do „May Flowers“ this month :). Here they are:

And this time I decided to make a little star-to-finish video to go with the set:

I really like how these artist trading cards turned out & I can´t wait for summer to finally arrive. I am missing sunshine, swimming, sitting in the garden and watching flowers bloom and just relaxing in the sun. Who´s with me? 😉

What I did is I first added a layer of Distress Paint, then some stamping and after that added a spray ink toned paste thru the Daisy Play (one of the newest stencils at the STAMPlorations store) stencil. Finally I added some product from my older stash to embellish the ATC´s.  Here are some close-ups of the ATC´s:

Here´s to a hopefully gorgeous and sunny June :). Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!!!
Just in case you feel the urge to shop some today, feel free to use this code at the STAMPlorations store: It´s good for all product – reduced and regular prized. Enjoy!!!
Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna

Used product:
ARTplorations Daisy Play stencil
Distress Paint – pink, yellow, green
Elizabeth Craft Designs stamps
Glimmer Glaze Java
Ramblin´ Rose Pink spray ink
Nuvo Drops – Antique Rose
Modeling paste
Neon pink Mister Huey´s spray ink
Jet Black stamp ink
Sewing yearn, flowers, paper ribbon

California dreaming

Hello lovelies, I am a little bit late with this post, but better late than never, right? For the past years I have been following the CHA via internet and YouTube and now actually being able to go there for the first time was pretty amazing for me! What a start for 2015!! I got my badges, flight ticket and luggage all set – well the luggage was kind of last minute. I only did that the day before *smiling*.

Then the long flight with all kinds of controlls started and yes, I apparently have an appearance that makes border controllers think I´ve got something to hide, as I had the pleasure of doing all the extra bits both ways. This photo was taken pretty early just before boarding the plane in Vienna, still looking pretty fresh and excited ;-).

The flight was long as we had delays in Germany and I was not able to sleep AT ALL in the plane on our way there. So stepping out of the plane I probably looked pretty much like a junkie with my horribly red eyes – no wonder they made all those extra controlls *grinning*.

I remember listening to a podcast just before Christmas by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and (I think) Cheryl Boglioli. They spoke about their first time at the CHA and how they had been all shy/afraid and/or excited about seeing all the renowned designers. Well, that is EXACTLY how I felt being there. I was first of all really excited as I was about to meet some of the people I work for/with at the convention, but I was also a little bit terrified. Now what do you say to someone that well known (did not want to embarrass myself right in the beginning)? „I love your work/I admire what you do“ and then what? Luckily, the people I met and spoke to, were really nice, funny/silly and that made it a lot easier for me to talk to them.

Like these lovely people on the photo – I am so lucky to be able to work with/for them. Btw. I borrowed the above photo from here ;-). They all are such a nice bunch of ladies who immediately did their best to make me feel comfortable amongst them (thank you Cheryl, Jaime, Rebekah, Julie & Lynne!!) And in case we all look a little bit tired in this photo (happy, but tired), it is just because this was taken on day 4 -> we had gone thru some looong days already before this picture was taken…

Annnnddd…I also met Zoey! Only wish we would have found more proper time to chat (and I can´t believe we didn´t get a photo)!! At CHA time truly flies. Once the doors open, you find yourself running from one thing to another and before you know it is closing time again. If you are not well organized, and I suppose many of the first timers are not, as they just don´t know what to expect, you will have trouble keeping up with everything going on. I went to some interesting lectures, took some crafty classes and watched demos, went to meetings and tried to absorb as much as I could. Talk about a busy schedule!

I was also able to chat a little with Nathalie. Here she is standing next to her brand new stamp designs at the Stampendous booth. Can´t wait for those stamps to arrive!!

I also wish I would have had more time to talk and hang with Trina and Keren too! Was nice seeing you IRL!! Here is proof that we met – even though just very briefly. We tried to organize an evening meeting, but sadly I had to rush to another event :(. Better luck next time!

I also met some of my favorite Finnish scrappy friends there (Minna, Elina & Nanna)!! So cool to meet you again – funny how we always have to travel somewhere to meet each other, isn´t it!! And did some fun make ´n takes with the lovely Nanna, who said some really nice things about my karma <3. Hope to see this bunch soon again!!

Another highlight was being able to visit the Prima headquarters and take a class by the lovely Finnabair. Always great to visit her classes! This was now my third time already and it is always very inspiring. Sorry for the bad picture..

I had an absolutely lovely time in Anaheim – even though it even rained for about 2 days!!! But hey, the weather back home sure was not better!! The part of waking up at 5 a.m. every morning (time difference needs some getting used to) was not that nice. When you wake up that early, you are bound to be drained by 9-10 p.m. already. But next time I will be better prepared :-D!

What was most memorable for me about the convention? The people (quite obvious, when you take a look at the photos on this post). I really enjoyed meeting various people, talking to them and having a couple really good laughs with them. Of course seeing new product was also interesting and exciting, but honestly, as a first timer it was almost too much and totally overwhelming for me to try and absorb it all in in such a short period of time. Thus I took quite a pile of photos (if you are interested, I´ve uploaded quite a few HERE) which I will be going back to and studying during the next weeks. I am just first starting to recover from it all (not to mention the time difference) and starting to realize the things that happened during that week or so :).

And of course, while there, we also had to visit Disneyland. We sacrificed one convention day for that – next time I will be wiser and add a day or two for sightseeing. I mean when you travel that far, then you should, right?

It was a great adventure and experience, but I was also happy to be back home and have some peace and quiet around me – the first days after arrival I immediately went to work again, but the past days have been a good pause for the soul. Just what I needed, some peace and quiet to sort my thoughts and re-live the trip.

After arriving home I was pretty worried as I didn´t even go to my studio for almost 4 days. It was just too much.Then, yesterday (I think it was yesterday) I had a really nice skype chat with a few of my scrappy friends and it helped. Sorry, girls, for being so quiet and mainly listening, but you really helped me alot. I even did some creative work today again. Yay, not all hope is lost :-)! I think it is quite a intensive experience to everyone who attends the show and after a week of merry-go-round everyone needs a little time for themselves to reload the batteries.

Still, an amazing experience and I am very happy I was able to make this trip! So many impressions! What a journey!! Would definitely do it again!!

So now it´s back to daily life again – and in between I am going to do some California dreaming – it was as I expected it to be: intensive, amazing, busy and I will probably realize it´s amazingness after a few weeks have passed :).

xxx, Sanna

Christmas present idea – Off The Rails Scrapbooking

Hi there! Sanna here today with a little present idea for Christmas. I collect all kinds of junk – even my kids and husband ask me if I can use a certain piece for something, before throwing them away. And near relatives and good friends have now gotten to know the family habits too. That is why I am lucky to receive all kinds of empty, unwanted boxes to add to my stash. The others don´t need them, but I see potential in them. This box, for example, was a perfume packaging that was about to land in the trash can.

I love this kind of boxes as they are very robust and easy to alter. Now that Christmas is around the corner (oh no, already!!??), it´s time to start thinking about presents, right? What better way to reuse this perfume packaging, but to revamp it  and then give it to a loved one, family member or a friend as a little present.


So what did I do with the box? As you might see in the lower part, there is still some mint green peeking thru. Well, that is the original colour of this box. It also had a very nice matter finish, so I didn´t want to cover it all up, that way the outside and the inside of the box match each other.


 I then added some wooden „feet“ to the box. I glued them down with my all time favorite „Aleene´s Tacky Glue“ and they really stay put! I then used some papers my Maja Design. I cut them into the right size and glued them on their places with decoupage glue/Modge Podge. I covered both sides of the paper with that glue, that way the paper will not wear up when using the box. Also the doily will not break, when covered with decoupage glue. After the paper layers had dried, I applied some velvet and pom pom ribbon around the box lid and a resin lock for additional detail. I glued all parts and pieces down with Aleene´s Tacky Glue.


The chipboard pieces are by Wycinanka and I covered them with white paint and then added some light grey paint here and there for a shadow effect and finally added a layer of glitter glue over the grey areas. The flowers are by Prima Marketing and I added some glitter glue on the petals for more shine. I then took an old door knob and adhered it into the middle. The box can now be opened easily.

There is also some glitter glue around the banners on the top. Just for additional detail and shine. This box makes a pretty neat present box for Christmas (oh, and by changing the papers and colours, you can create a totally different look, of course). It can be a gift on it´s own or filled with chocolate, candy or something else nice. So next time, before throwing those perfume boxes away, take another look at them and reuse them. Christmas is coming, lovelies, so time to start creating ;-)… Have fun!!!

xoxo, Sanna

Rubber boot princess – Paperilla lehti

Hi there! Today it is again my turn to share with you a little technique tutorial for the Paperilla magazine´s blog. Enjoy!

I started by stamping some Prima Marketing frames (set is called Optimist) with a black Hero Arts chalk ink onto the white cardstock. See how I drew lines on both sides with a pencil? That was my measurement for the space I needed to line 3 frames next to each other.

This is how the stamped frame background looks like when finished.

Next I chose some of my favorite Distress Ink colours and coloured the frames using the inks and a water tank brush.

This is how the finished coloured background looks like. I first added a lighter layer of colour and then went over the frame only on one side with a darker tone to create a shadow.

I then took a piece of light pink cardstock and used all my Martha Stewart border punches and created pretty borders. After that I glued them overlappingly on both sides of the white cardstock. Now the base of the layout was done.

I then went on and added some washi tape, some sequins and lots and lots of flowers (I know, right?!!) and a really long title with shiny silver glitter alphas :). I bet you are not used to seeing such pinky, flowery, girly pages around here on my blog *laughing* !!?? I was really shocked too, while creating this, but honestly, I really, really like the end result (scary, isn´t it.. ;-)..).

This is the finished page:

So now I´ll leave you all to recover from your shock ;-)… See you around and have fun scrapping!

ps. I bet you noticed that long title on this one? well, it is in Finnish :). It says nothing else than „rubber boot princess“. A good scrappy friend of mine once asked me why I scrap/use English titles on my layouts on regular basis. Well, it is kind of a complicated issue for me. When I started scrapping, I only used Finnish (my mother tongue). However I was not always happy with it as not many people in my family would be able to read that later on in time (we do live in Austria…). I then slowly started to wonder, if it would be better to scrap in German, but it was always a struggle. I didn´t feel comfortable with scrapping in German – maybe it had something to do with the grammar and with the fear of not getting it right. I didn´t want to make mistakes when writing and I was not always able to speak from the heart when writing in German (it is, still, my third language..). So I ended up doing a mixture of all things. One time scrapping in Finnish, then again in German and then jumping over to English. I still quite cannot figure out what works for me the best. It is hard to choose, when you speak German at home every day, but your „real“, „deep“ language is something else. What language to pick? Should I risk making the mistakes I am for sure going to make when writing in German? So, somehow I then ended in doing all my writing/titles in English. I mean I do lots of titles in English first of all, because they are much shorter than they would be in German and/or in Finnish :). And then either do just a little journaling and that will be in English too. Sometimes, however, I write the journaling in Finnish and from time to time I do it in German too. But then I mainly hide it behind the photos. That way I don´t have to worry about getting it right or wrong – my family will know what I wanted to say and will not care for the mistakes :). So I don´t know if this answers any of my friends questions. I bet she is now even more confused ;-)…I know it still confuses me, but I try not to make an issue out of it. I just go with my gut feeling and create what feels right at that time. Would be really interesting to know how other multilingual peeps solve this? And how about if you lived abroad for a long time – did it change your scrapping – language wise? If any of you read this, drop me a line, I´d love to hear from you :). Happy scrapping!!

Bloom – Canvas challenge with the Frog Dog Studio girls

Hi there! Remember this canvas I did for Frog Dog Studio in May?

Well, Tina suggested that we´d make a little challenge based on this piece, so we did. The five of us (Sue, Tina, Susan, Melissa and me) took this canvas as a starting point and did our versions of it. This is what I came up with:

Can you see those little „chrystals“ hanging down from the canvas. I´ve had them for AGES, but never found a good place for them and while choosing the colours (Fresco Paints by PaperArtsy) for the background, it came to me that they would perfectly fit in here. So I drilled 3 holes onto the canvas and used a piece of wire to adhere the chrystals onto the canvas.

Other than that I have used very similar techniques as on my original canvas – more about those here. The chipboard pieces are by Wycinanka scrap & decou and I´ve colored them in with a water tank paint brush and Distress Inks. The flowers are from Prima (one of the Finnabair collections) and I´ve brushed some matte raspberry Ayeeda Paint with a very dry paint brush over them.

The „bloom“ sentiment is hand written with one of my new favorite pens, the Wink of Stella Brush silver pen. I love the subtle shine you can create with this pen.

So now it´s time to take a look at what the other girls have created!! Please keep on hopping over to their blogs and take a look at their lovely creations – you won´t regret it!!! And do leave comments while visiting the blogs, we all love reading them :).

Here is our little inspirational canvas „blog hop“ round of girls for you to hop thru:
1. Melissa
2. Sanna (you are here)
3. Sue
4. Susan
5. Tina

Have fun and hope you get inspired to create 🙂 !!!
Wishing you all a lovely week!!
xoxo, Sanna

Used products:
Ayeeda Paint - Matte Raspberry
Kuretake Zig Wink of Stella Glitter Brush Pen - Clear - KURETAKE MS-55-999 Fresco Finish Acrylic PaintsPaper Roses - Blue

My Mr.

Hello lovelies! We´ve had a gorgeous sunshine day here today and I would like to share a bright and sunny layout with you :).

I had been scrapping together with scrappy friends again and this layout resulted from that day. It is based on the Stuck?! Sketches recent sketch and the color scheme is inspired by the „Inspired By“ challenge. I had such a great time creating this layout.

Happy scrapping,
xoxo, Sanna

Used products:
Cardstock: Coconut swirl (glatt); Patterned paper: Basic Grey: Fresh cut 6×6 paper pad; Stamps: Avery Elle – Handwritten notes, Prima Marketing – cling stamp set; Flowers: Santoro; Tiny Word Stickers: My Mind´s Eye; Water Tap: Prima Marketing – Junkyard Findings; Bling: Rhinestone arrows – Prima Marketing; Ink Daubers: Hero Arts (butter cup, pale tomato, tide pool); Glitter glue: Rayher Hobby; Stamp ink: Archival (jet black), Hero Arts shadow ink (pale tomato); Color Shine: Heidi Swapp (citron); Glimmer Glaze: Tattered Angels (oil slick); Chipboard: Scrapfellow (butterflies); Other: Aleene´s Tacky Glue, 3D Foam tape.

All you need is love – Pipilonias kreative Welt

Hallo ihr Lieben! Heute möchte ich euch ein kleines Step-by-step Tutorial mit euch teilen. Ich habe diese süßen Papiersäckchen von Fancy Pants gesehen und wusste sofort was ich damit gestalten würde. So landeten sie auch schon in meinem Warenkorb :).
Für das Layout braucht man ein Blatt weißen Cardstock, etwas Patterned Paper (Basic Grey – Fresh Cut), die Säckchen von Fancy Pants und Sprühfarben (Heidi Swapp – coral, seafoam, citron). Dazu kommen dann später noch einige Stempel, eine Schablone und verschiedene Dekoteile.

Als erstes habe ich den Hintergrund mit Sprühfarben eingesprüht und hie und da einige Farbkleckse verstreut.

Danach habe ich mit einer Schablone von Tim Holtz „Sonnenstrahlen“ auf dem Hintergrund mit Stempelfarbe gewischt.

Dann habe ich einige Wörter auf dem Hintergrund gestempelt (Avery Elle – Handwritten notes).

Als nächstes wollte ich graue Farbtupfer (passend zu den Sonnenstrahlen) auf dem Hintergund haben, also habe ich etwas Tinte vom Hero Arts Ink Dauber auf dem Akrylblock gespresst und die Farbe dann mit Hilfe von einem Wassertankpinsel „aufgehoben“.

Die Farbtupfer kann man keieren, wenn man entweder auf dem Wassertankpinsel kopft oder..

man zeichnet sie direkt auf das Papier :).
Ich habe dann noch in den Säckchen passende Tags aus einem Reststück Papier herausgeschnitten und danach alles zusammengeklebt und das Layout dekoriert. Das Journaling, das sehr persönlich ist, habe ich auf die Tags geschrieben und diese in die Säckchen hinein versteckt.

Und so schaut das fertige Layout aus:

und hier noch einige Detailfotos:

Ich hoffe, euch hat meine kleine Anleitung gefallen! Viel Spaß beim Scrappen!!

I have based my layout on the current Challenge YOURself color palette and challenge #3 and am submitting this layout to their challenge. The tutorial is in German, but I hope you can get the idea from the photos and/or use the translater for help. This was a fun one and I had a great time creating this page!

Happy scrapping,
xoxo, Sanna

Verwendete Materialien:
Cardstock: Coconut swirl; Patterned Paper: Basic Grey – Fresh cut 6×6 paper pad; Stencil: Tim Holtz (Rays); Mists: Heidi Swapp; Glue: Aleene´s Tacky Glue; Paper bags: Fancy Pants – happy-go-lucky!; Stamp ink: Hero Arts (wet cement), Ranger Archival ink (jet black); Ink Dauber: Hero Arts (wet cement); Stamps: Avery Elle – Handwritten notes; Heart Stickers: Studio Calico; Little alphas: Studio Calico; Luxe Alphabet: Pink Paislee (silver); Rhinestone arrows: Prima Marketing; Junkyard Findings – water taps: Prima Marketing/Ingvild Bolme; Other: water tank pencil.