Fill the Cup Mixed Media Gift Box – Canvas Corp Brands

Do you have an old cigar box, gift box or wooden box at home that is ready to be altered? I used Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint on my box and it is the prefect paint for the job when you need to a finish surfaces, slick surface, plastic or even glass.  This paint is similar to the Milk and Chalk Furniture paints on the market, but it levels to a really smooth finish. It is a fab product to work with and it does not require any sanding, priming or a top coat.  Just clean and dry the surface and apply one to two coats and the box is transformed.
There are 28 colors to choose from and you can mix and match them to make your own colors.  The paint is also water-soluble and odor free. Here is the finished altered box and in the following you will find the photo step-by-step to it. Hope you like it!
SONY DSCI made this box to go as an addition to a present for a coffee lover.  So in a way it´s part of the present. I altered an old wooden box to match the present theme and then filled it with coffee, tea and hot chocolate. It can later be used to hold a selection of teas, coffee or hot chocolate in a kitchen or coffee bar. This project is very easy to create with the Tattered Angels paints and the Canvas Corp Beans and Bags Collection.
Materials Used:
Tools Used: Paint brush, Craft sheet, Varnish and glue matt (or Matte Medium), Big Shot Die Cutting Machine, Scissors, 3D foam, Box for misting.
Step 1:  First take a 12×12 inch ivory cardstock paper, cut it in 6×6 inch strips and run thru a die cutting machine using various sized square die cut forms to cut 5 pieces. The largest piece measures 5×5 inch (the dies are by Elizabeth Craft Designs).
SONY DSCStep 2:  Next choose suitable spray ink tones to color the ivory paper pieces. I used Tattered Angels Boardwalk, Stone and Cardboard. Alternate the sizes with brown and grey neutral tones, so you can layer them onto the box.  Let dry.  The top piece is cut from the Beans & Bags patterned paper piece.
SONY DSC The Cardstock paper will pick up the beautiful tones of the mist paint and no two are alike.SONY DSCStep 3:  Next take the wooden box and paint it with a layer of Décor & DIY paint. I used the Sable. This is a fabulous paint, as it does not require any sanding on the base coat  before painting. And it has gorgeous coverage!
SONY DSCIt covers the bold orange original tone after only one layer!
SONY DSCStep 4:  Tattered Angels mists are great for tinting fabric, ribbon and lace.  They are not washable, but they are perfect for mixed media and altered art project where you do not plan to wash them.  With the same spray ink tones mist the lace next. I misted in all three tones to get a more interesting end result.  You can also use ribbon during this step.
SONY DSCStep 5:  Layer your papers, burlap and lace one at a time turing them to show off the different neural colors and textures.   I used some brown burlap and the next sized misted piece of paper. I went on layering misted paper pieces and ribbon/lace over each other until I was left with the smallest piece of patterned paper. I adhered it on top.  Using a fabric or mixed media glue will work best when adhering to multiple surfaces.
SONY DSCLayer the grays over the browns to give a nice contrast.
SONY DSCStep 6:  Finally, add a relatively thick layer of varnish or decoupage medium on top it all and let air dry overnight. Before leaving it to dry, apply some Distress Glitter onto the wet surface and add some copper toned micro-beads onto the coffee beans and to the cup to simulate steam. Let dry. I added the varnish to make the paper and ribbon surface more robust. This way it will not get damaged so easily. I hope you have enjoyed this little present packaging idea.
SONY DSCWhen making a creative home decor craft piece that you plan to use everyday or give as a gift to be used on daily basis, it is always a good idea to use supplies that will withstand the wear and tear.  Tattered Angels Decor & DIY paint is durable and can even be used for outdoor projects.  Applying a top coat, varnish, decoupage or even enamel to the completed box top is another way to ensure that the beauty of the project will withstand everyday life.
Sanna LippertSo next time you are garage sale shopping, cleaning out the basement or find unique boxes at an antique shop grab a few and repurpose them into gift boxes.  Keep in mind you can leave some of the outside expensed if the labels or color are intriguing to you.

Now you have a great idea for that coffee, tea or hot chocolate lover in your life – so whip up a birthday, get well or just say hi gift and fill it with your favorite goodies.

Happy creating!!!
xxx, Sanna
For more inspiration and product, see the Canvas Corp BLOG & SHOP.

Stenciled coasters – The Crafter´s Workshop

Hi there! Today I´d like to share with you a litte DIY coaster idea I did for The Crafter´s Workshop blog. A friend of mine recently gave me some hand cut wooden pieces and said that I´d probably find a use for those. He knows me well ;-). I have been saving those pieces for a while now. They have a really nice shape – some of them are almost heart shaped, so I just used 6 for now and saved the other ones for later. Here is what I did:

I Sanna Lippert

I first gathered some 6×6 inch stencils together and chose patterns I thought would look nice on the coasters. I then just placed a stencil over the wooden surface and traced the pattern onto them with a black Sharpie pen. I just outlined some patterns and some of them I colored black. The outlined ones look “lighter” than the colored ones. So it is totally up to you which look you prefer and go for.

Sanna Lippert

This is how the finished coasters look like. I really like how the “Dartboard” pattern and the one with the circles (from the “Geometric Art Layers stencil”) on the left side of the upper photo turned out. Doodling these was quite addictive, so I am considering doing some more and maybe giving them as a Christmas present to someone dear.

Sanna Lippert

In the end I added a light layer of wood varnish over the doodled areas to make sure the patterns “stay put”. Since the Sharpie is permanent and water and fade resistant, it should work without the varnish too, but I just wanted to play it safe.

Happy stenciling!!

The Crafter´s Workshop Design Team Member

Diamond Lattice – The Crafter´s Workshop
Geometric Art Layers – The Crafter´s Workshop
Viva La Art – The Crafter´s Workshop
Dartboard – The Crafter´s Workshop
Ceiling Tile – The Crafter´s Workshop
Other: Shapie black, wood varnish

Gift packaging decoration – Paperilla-lehti

Hello lovelies! This time of the year is the busiest one what gift packaging and preparing is concerned. We not only have to prepare/buy lots of presents for family and friends, but they also need to get wrapped. And that, my friends, can be something really time consuming, especially if you belong to the genre of paper crafters 😀 ! So we don´t just give presents – no, we also beautifully decorate them :-). Here is one little idea how to help yourself and your budget when designing the packaging deco for this year.

So let´s get started with this easy-to-do idea:

We all have pieces of plain white paper at home – always. So let´s start with that one. Grab a piece of white paper, place a stencil over it and spray with spray ink over the stencil. Then roll over the surface with a tissue paper roll <- takes off all the residue ink without making a mess!

Now cut the paper into strips. I didn´t measure any widths here (as you can see!!), but that is totally fine. However, if you prefer to them them exactly the same size, I recommend, you measure them :). I am more a freestyle type of person here..

Next cut the pieces into various lengths. First three can be the size the paper originally was, then reduce the next 3 pieces appr. 2 centimeters, the next ones appr. 1,5 centimeters and the last one is just a small single strip.

Then start with the 3 longest paper strips and glue them together in the manner I have done on the picture. Repeat this procedure with all the papers, except the last small strip. That one will be a small paper roll, so just glue the ends together, but do that first when you are finished with the other pieces as you will then see what size the paper circle/roll has to be.

Next glue the first 3 pieces together over each other. Then repeart this with the other pieces too. Finally measure a size of a paper circle you are going to need for the centre and adhere it into the middle of the paper flower.

Now your paper flower is done! And depending on the width and length of your paper strips, you can create various sized paper flowers. Also by changing the misting color or by using Gelli Plate paper pieces, you can create totally different looks!

I did a second version and grabbed some older patterned paper sheets from my stash. These bold patterns go really well for this purpose and as I was not going to use them for anything else, they were the perfect fit for this purpose :).

This is how my deco pieces look like. I like both versions a lot! Since the patterned paper was double sided, I could play a little with it by making one layer with the bolder pattern on the top and then turning the paper around to let the reverse side to show. And if you use two different papers in one flower, the result is again a totally different one. And what about watercoloured paper? Might look really nice too!! Think I need to try that one out too :).

So here is one more photo of my DIY paper flowers :). I think I need to make a few more, I kinda enjoyed creating these. Totally something you could do while watching the TV too!

Happy crafting!
xoxo, Sanna

Gift card set – Wycinanka scrap & decou

Mother´s Day is right around the corner, so it´s time to start to think about presents :). I came up with this little gift card box idea.

I first cut the gift box with my Silhouette. The file is available at their store. After that I made a card in matching colours.

For decoration I used a chipboard border from the “Wild Rose” collection. The butterflies are also from the Wycinanka store. I first covered them with Glossy Accents and then applied a layer of Distress Glitter over them.

After that I just layered the embellishments and stamped a sentiment. The stamp set is also from the Wycinanka store.

ps. you might also want to check out the new products section in the store – some really cute new designs in there … 🙂 !

Happy crafting!
xoxo, Sanna

 Used products:
STEMPEL wishing you a wonderful day  DZIKA RÓŻA - bordery  motyle

A quick notebook

Hello lovelies! Today I´d like to share a quick notebook idea with you. This would make for a perfect little gift for mothers day, just add some chocolate and flowers and you are good to go :). I have again used some lovely Wycinanka chipboard on this one – they have so many lovely desings!! You might want to go and check them out here. 🙂

I have used a chipboard element from the lovely “Wild Rose” collection and combined that with some 4heures37 papers. They just have the cutest designs!! In addition to that I just binded the notebook with regular notebook paper and made separating pages out of patterned paper. The cover I treated with some Glue n´ Seal, added the chipboard, a cardboard frame and some silver glitter glue. That´s it. Fast and easy.

Enjoy your day,
xoxo, Sanna

Used products:
DZIKA RÓŻA - ramka, wzór 4