#tuac5minchallenge – Day 5

Hello and happy Thursday! Today it´s DAY 5 for me with the #tuac5minchallenge called to life by The Ugly Art Club. Without any further ado, here is my take:

I so so love how this turned out. I used plenty of “junk” here again. Bits of old book, then japanese magazine pages which I got gifted from my boys who are anime fans. They knew I´d love newspaper bits in foreign language. See, the good thing is I have no idea what is standing on this piece, for me it´s just beautiful letters as texture in the background. On top of that I have a bottle label and old rub-ons and a very pretty Prima flower. I wish I had more of these from back in the day!!

I got inspired by a fellow participant (Lisa Goddard) to try out stitching! She did a beautiful piece a few days ago and I noticed she had managed to add in stitching! I wanted to try out how that would go. Well, let me tell you that if I hadn´t added it, I would have had more time to add other things that I now didn´t have time for. But I´m proud to have tried it out. You can do it, but you need less steps afterwords to finish in time.

This piece is sarcastic regarding the text. The bottle label as a focal point and then underneath it says in German: “Mittel um gesund zu werden” which translates to: “Means to get well”. That I did on purpose ;-)..

See you tomorrow again!
xxx, Sanna