Daily Art Practice – Day 30

Hello and happy Monday! How are you doing? My last week was a little from the rough side, therefore I also worked ahead abit. You really cannot do any productive things when you have has fresh surgery. Rest and recovery comes first! Therefore I have done quite a few days beforehand. Hope you don´ t mind.

See when I started this personal year-long challenge, I didn´ t really give it much thought :). Like, there will definitely be days and times that I simply cannot do a piece a day! Didn´ t think about that back then… So I will just live with what comes as it comes, I´ ve decided. I mean, it´ s just life, it´ s my time and my joy. If something comes in between, then so shall it be.

I hope these posts still cheer you guys up abit, inspire you and brighten your day. They do brighten mine! There are so many bad things going on in the world and so many peeps are depressed and down, so I try to do my bit and give you something cheerful to look at. Hope it helps!

I used Dina Wakley paints, STAMPlorations stencils (my line there), Distress Stains, Heavy Gesso, a Stabilo all pen and and Klartext “Denglisch 2” stamps. I´ ve used the “Denglisch” set on my previous pages, so I swapped to the set number 2 for the next days. I love adding those sentiments to these pages :).

Oh, and the translation goes something like this: “Don´ t invite trouble!”.
See you again tomorrow!! Have a great start into your week,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 27

This is day 27 of my Daily Art Practice; another page done and dusted in my year-long journal. Today is very dark. I usually don´ t do this dark pieces at all. I do love black, but I don´ t use it a my dominant colour, rather to emphasize other colours.

I used plenty of Distress Crayons on this page with white heavy gesso and some Dina Wakley Gloss Spray. I found today´ s almanac page quite hard to incorporate. I really don´ t know why.. Maybe because it is so dark? So I just cut it into pieces and layered everything overlappingly. And he sentiment is again from one of the “Denglisch” sets. This translates to: “Are you crazy?”

And plenty of detail photos:

I do love the turquoise as a contrast colour against the b&w background. But it was a hard page to do. Wishing you a good day!!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 21

Hello and happy Saturday! Today´ s page is for a change a full / bigger one. I really struggled with this one, because I just didn´ t know where I wanted to go with it.

All I knew is that I wanted to use magenta and yellow. I also had a very old washi tape that just would not work properly – I hardly could get it from the roll!!! Took me ages just to do those bits.

So the page was full of frustrating moments and cluelesness. I therefore like the denglisch sentiment here so much. It says “sponge over it” which translated means something like: “forget it” / “let´ s move on” / “no hard feelings”.

Here is the video to my chaos page of today:

and some detail photos:

See you again tomorrow with a hopefully better page. Now to enjoy the weekend!
xxx, Sanna