Daily Art Practice – Day 18

Hello and happy Wednesday. Another day of my daily art practice is done and dusted. This time with Day 18 of the Artist Almanac 2022.

I used some Neocolor 2´ s, STAMPlorations stencils (from my line there), gelli printed tissue residues, Dina Wakley Gloss Sprays and of course another “Denglisch” stamp sentiment.

The particular one translates to: *sorry in advance for the language* Get lost! / Kiss my a..! / go to he..! / damn you!.

This is all for today – do come back tomorrow for another page. See you then! xxx, Sanna


Trifecta Cardmaking – January 2022

Hello lovelies and welcome to another Trifecta Cardmaking share with STAMPlorations products. Today I share a set of cards, done in a bit different designs, but the starting point was always the same basic technique/end product.

This is the first card I made:

and here are some detail photos:

For the second card I again used the same idea: a gelli printed paper I had created with STAMPlorations stencils on old music notes. Here is the second card:

On the first card the bold background covers the whole card base, that way the end result looks totally different. Here the overall look is more clean and simple due to the white space and only a small gelli circle as a focal point. Here are some detail photos:

And now to the 3rd card:

On this one again as my starting point I used a gelli printed and stenciled paper. This time I took a leaf stamp and stamped with it onto the paper and then fussy cut the pieces. That way I have multi-colored and multi-patterned leaves on a plain background and it is still the same basic idea. On all cards I this way again have stencils, stamps and stickers used – but in a different way on each one. The clear stickers make great sentiments for the cards. And now to the steps. This time round I recorded a step-by-step video for you to watch so you can get a better idea. Hope you like it!

I hope you enjoyed this months Trifecta cards and ideas! If you want to know how to do the stenciled papers, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube (or check out Birgit Koopsen´ s Instagram Account – there are plenty of ideas up there!). I also made a similar technique with foam stamps and paints, but you could use stencils instead. That video is HERE. Oh, and here are some detail photos of the last card:

See you again in March with another Trifecta tutorial. STAMPlorations is taking a break in February from regular posts.

Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 5

Hello and happy Thursday! Here is my daily art practice post again for DAY 5 with the Artist Almanac 2022.

I did a big mess with Distress Paints, so most of the beginning of my video comes from that. The actual creating process would have resulted on a much shorter video. But these things happen, so I am not going to dwell on it.

On this piece I wanted to leave most of the almanac page as it is and just more some parts around / cut only small pieces out of it. I adde some sticker alphas and again a Klartext “Denglisch” stamp sentiment onto the page. A little feather and a shell button decorate the tag also.

This was a fun one to do, although the paint accident. See you again tomorrow with more mixed media fun! Can´ t wait to play more!!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice w/ 2022 Artist Almanac – Day 1

Hello everyone, like mentioned on my Instagram Account, I am planning on creating a piece every day this year and recording a video to go with it. My first one was a total disaster – the video, not the piece – as I messed up the recording and only have a piece of it to share. BUT I improvised and did a photo-add-on to the video that explains all the steps I did. The total time I used for this page was a little over 7 minutes. And here is the piece:

If you are interested on getting yourself a 2022 artist almanac – here is one possibility to get one – go to Tina Walker´ s Insta – she has all contributors listed and some of them still have calendars available :).

(picture from Tina´ s Insta Account)

I went with the colours from the almanac page and added inks and Posca pen details to the background in same tones. The tag is a recycled piece and I´ ve added a gelli printed leftover piece onto the tag. Then some Klartext “Denglisch” stamp sentiments on top – done with VersaFine Clair ink. The 2022 stickers are by Simple Stories and from the Dani Peuss December Scrapbooking Kit.

The sentiment translates to something like: “Have a good one”! It´ s in “Denglisch” which means a German saying directly translated into English. Only makes sense to German speaking peeps and they find it quite funny. I like these Denglisch stamps so much and wanted to use them on my calendar page. You might be seeing them showing up on regular basis throughout this project :).

I fussy cut the almanac page into smaller bits and added half circles to the background and outlined them with a Stabilo all pen. The leaf pattern on the tag is from the almanac page too. I also love the idea of adding the date to the page for every day. That way I can record daily feelings/thoughts and also see how my “style”/color choices etc. change throughout the year. I am kind of recording my own development with this project. And keeping it short challenges me even more. Here is the video:

Sorry for messing the recording up! But I still hope you get the idea!! I had fun creating this page and am really happy how it turned out – even though I totally panicked while recording and thus messed it all up! Better luck next time, I guess!!

Tomorrow will be another day to play. I might not write so much every day or do a long blog post, but instead just put up the video for you to watch. Because there will be days I for sure can not do a full post and edit the video etc. as there is work and life and family and everything else to be done too :). But I still hope you will enjoy these short takes in incorporating the almanac in my daily practices.

See you tomorrow!!!
xxx, Sanna


I don´ t care

Hello and happy Friday! I have a card share up for today, even though I first planned on not posting until January. Oh well! But then I played a little and as a result this card was born :).

I did the #bestnine2021 grid the other day and noticed that most of the projects on that list were mixed media ones. And while I saw them, I remembered how much fun I had while creating the projects. And as a result, this card was born.

If you are interested on seeing my top nine posts from 2021 – here they are:

Most of the projects are from the 5 minute mixed media project sessions. And funny enough, my first reel got really many likes too and landed on this grid. And really many peeps also liked my CAS Christmas tags I did with Klartext stamps. So many of you also love clean and simple in addition to mixed media. I do jump in between both styles, depending on what I´ m working on. What is not on this grid are some of the faces I did for “the100daychallenge”. I personally liked them alot, but I guess they were not everyones cup of tea :). I like doing these grids at the end of year – mainly to see a selection of a years work, rather than to see what someone liked and didn´ t like.

Another interesting thing I like to do, is the Year Of Colour grid/report. I find it interesting to see what colours dominated in my work during a certain time period. I am a huge fan of yellow – always have been, since I was little. I cannot say why, it just is a colour that makes me feel happy and makes me smile. What surprises me this year, is the amount of red in that picture. So much red!! I haven´ t been feeling red for a while. Therefore it is a big surprise. The blues, the greens and even the purples are more me.

I find strong pink tones very appealing at the moment, like on the card here – maybe that will be my dominating colour next year? Who knows :). I haven´ t decided on my word for 2022 yet. Have you? For some reason I long for peace. Might be that my word turns out to be calm, peace, calmness, peace of mind or something like that.

How about you? Did you do your #bestnine this year? I´ d love to see them!! Also, what were your colours this year and why do you think those colours in particular accompnied you? Also what about your word for 2022? Any preferences there? I´ d love to hear from you!!!

xxx, Sanna