Daily Art Practice – Day 25

Happy Wednesday! Today´ s page is again in brown tones due to the almanac pages colours. I simply cut off a piece of the white paper I am working on (and always wiping residue media into..) and added that to the background with the almanac page.

Some leftover book pages and gesso on top. Then a fussy cut vintage photo (how cool does he look?!) and a stamped Denglisch sentiment. That´ s pretty much it. And the video is here:

Also some detail photos, as always:

The Denglisch sentiment translates to: “For God´ s sake!”. I really like how this page looks like. Just the way he looks already makes me smile ;-).

Hope your day was a good one! Take care, xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 22

Hello and happy Sunday! Today´ s Daily Art Practice piece is here! I used plenty of Distress Paints on this one and really love the color combination on today´ s piece.

The Denglisch sentiment translates to: “things are not going as planned (but one does not want to talk about it in detail)” .

Here are some detail photos:

See you again tomorrow with another page. Have a great evening and a good start into the new week!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 16

Hello and happy Monday! The page of my Daily Art Practice 2022 w/ the Artist Almanac is live again. Today I cut the full page into two smaller pages, so one page fits not only 2 days, but four. And it is nice to do smaller formats in between days.

Now anyone who follows Nat knows her townscapes. I just didn´ t have the heart to cut this one into pieces, so I just did something you learn at school: I continued the scenery and added the full piece into the middle. And it was FUN!

Here are some detail photos, too:

I really like how this one turned out – I obviously didn´ t invent anything on this page myself, it´ s just the piece continued in the best way I could. And I love the colours on this one so much too. Thanks for a gorgeous, inspring almanac page Nat!!!

And here is the Denglisch translation again: Such a dump / such a pop stand.

And we will see each other hopefully tomorrow again!
Take care, xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 15

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I am sharing my day 15 take on my personal daily art practice challenge. I make these pages using the Artist Almanc 2022 as my inspiration.

Today´ s page is a bit rub-on crazy, but oh well. I just could not stop :). And I´ ve got some old tissue tape that I´ ve misted with Glimmer Mists in there too. And another Denglisch stamp sentiment, of course. Then some Liquitex Titanium White ink, Dina Wakley Gloss Spray and my stencils (gelli printed) and Tim´ s Distress Paints.

So all kinds of goodness and fun stuff! Today´ s sentiment translated means something like: “Keep your chin up”!

This is all for today. See you again tomorrow!!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 11

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today´ s daily art practice post is here. I just loved today´ s almanac page. The brown tones with the black!! Just perfect to be cut into pieces and used with beautiful blue tones. And a dash of pink. That´ s all. I had so much fun with today´ s make.

Again the “Denglisch” stamps in there. Some Distress Paints, Posca pens, Stabilo all in black and white and Posca´ s. Fun, fun, fun!

and here are some details:

Hope you enjoyed watching today´ s make. See you tomorrow!
xxx, Sanna