Ugh! People! AJ page

Hello lovelies and happy Tuesday! Today I´m sharing another art journal page with you again. This time something colorful and bright with a fun Dylusions stamped sentiment. I feel this sentiment just fits the pulse of the time ;-)…

For this page I´ve used Distress Stain on the background, mixing four colours together on one page. Then I´ve sprayed some yellow spray ink thru my STAMPlorations stencil „A Whale´s Tale“ (upper right corner).

After that I added some Dina Wakley stamp images onto the background with grey stamp ink (Nuvo). Then I took another stamp from Dina and applied her Scribble Sticks onto the stamp and stamped the circles. To make them better stand out from the backgrund I added white Posca pen around them. Then I drew the people, free hand, my style. This is something I learned at Louise Nelson´s class in Norway.

And of course they have glasses and a pixie, like I do :). For finishing touches, I added some stamping with black stamp ink (stamps by STAMPlorations and Dyan Reaveley). And „green pox“ added with scribble sticks.

Love how this one turned out! I am so much enjoying playing in my art journal recently. How are you spending your time? Did you discover any new interests during the isolation? I wish I could have done more, but my knee does not let me…

Wishing you a lovely day,
xxx, Sanna


Stay brave AJ page

Hello lovelies and happy Wednesday! I am up with another art journal page again. This time it´s another face experiment. I tried to draw a smiling face, and noted that teeth are kinda hard to draw :)…

Anyhow, here is what I ended up with:

For the background I used Distress Stains again. The drawing itself is done with a Stabilo pen and I did some coloring of the hair and face with Dina Wakley´s Scribble Sticks. I love using them!

For stamping I used an older Dina Wakley pattern stamp set (still available at Stampers Anonymous!) and her handwritten quotes stamp set. That is basically what the page consists of. The face turned out quite to my liking. the only problem were the teeth. But taking small steps on my face painting journey. At some point I will find my way to draw faces for sure!

Wishing you all a lovely day – hope you are all doing fine?
xxx, Sanna


Grow Art Journal page

Hello lovelies! This month has been all about art journaling, mainly because that has been the only things I have been able to do after surgery – sitting long times is not the best medicine, thus small journal pages!

Art journaling has been my way of pain and stress relief this month. Staying at home and social distancing can be kinda hard on a long run. Experimenting in my journal has helped me sort my feeling and thoughts.

For this journal I used Scribble Sticks with a Dina Wakley stamp, some spray ink (yellow) and Liquitex ink in gold. There is also some Dina Wakley media washi tape on this page. I love this tape so much – the colours and pattern is jsut great.

For my focal point, I drew leaves. The word grow and the doodled sentiment work well with the drawn leaves.

So what have you been doing during social distancing? Have you crafted much or did you loose your mojo? Except for PT I´ve been resting much and tried to make a page a day, just to get my mind off things.

Wishing you a great day!
xxx, Sanna


Strong AJ page

Hello and happy Friday! I have been enjoying the Dina Wakley Facebook lives so much recently. They truly are the bright spot of the day during the social distancing.

So I have always wanted to draw faces, but never really had the courage to just try. And thru Dina´s lives I have gathered enough courage together to give it a try. I am far, far from being perfect. I don´t get the proportions right yet, my eyes are wonky and the overall look is somewhat childish.

But it´s a start, right? I will never get there, if I don´t give it a try and practise!! And I´ve now started practising. Here is another try from the other day. I tried a somewhat sideways profile this time. And it was a totally different thing to do. It changes how you draw the nose, how the eyes are supposed to be like and the mouth.

I also made this lady cry. Because of the overall situation I felt like drawing a sad face. And because I´ve been in pain. Tossing the crutches has catapulted me back to piriformis, muscle and tendon pain. So bad, that I´ve had to take painkillers again. I hate taking them! And that also trows me back on my PT, sadly.

Ah, it is strange how a surgery quickly throws one out of the track and it is so annoying getting back on track. Some days you have a feeling it´s one step forward to back.. I´d rather be fitter already.

How´s everyone doing? How do you spend your days and what are you missing most? Today it´s day 37 for me. I would go crazy if there was not arts and crafts to get my mind off things!

Wishing you all a lovely day!
xxx, Sanna


Shine bright – AJ page

Hello lovelies and happy Sunday! I am totally excited about drawing abstract faces at the moment and that is all thanks to Dina Wakley and her Facebook lives during the social distancing time.

So I drew a face again, using her Scribble Sticks and a Stabilo pen. I just love the pigment sticks and drawing and coloring with them. Here is the face I ended up with:

My journal measures only 10,5 cm times 21 cm which makes drawing a face tricky. BUT, this time, compared to the last one, her face form is more oval than square (like last time). And I got shadows in there ;-)! I also finished the face with lots of pigment splatters – that way it looks much softer somehow.

I will definitely keep drawing faces. I enjoy it very much at the moment and like Dina says: the more you make and create helps you find your own style/voice. And that is what I´m aiming for :). Some time in the future, that is. In the meantime I´m just going to have fun and enjoy the process!!!

Who knows, maybe I´ll end up drawing landscapes in the end *laughing*. You know I don´t like landscapes that much, right?

Have a great Sunday, lovelies!
xxx, Sanna