Daily Art Journal – May 7th

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today I am sharing another Daily Art Journal page from my journal. This is May 7th:

For this page I used pearlescent watercolours on the background to mimic the almanac´ s colours. I added some hair to the face by drawing it with a Stabilo all black pencil. then I drew leaves onto the background using the same pen.

The face got Neocolor 2 pink cheeks and I also again added a “Denglish” stamp sentiment (by Klartext) onto the page.

I hope you enjoyed today´ s inpiration post. See you again tomorrow!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Journal – May 6th

Hello and happy Monday! Today I am again sharing another Daily Art Practice piece from my journal. This one is May 6th:

I used a piece of green japanese paper on the background. It was not exactly the same tone, but I didn´ t have the exact colour available. In addition I cut off some olf book paper bits (into circles) and added them to the page. I also drew similar pattens with a black pen onto the green paper and added an old photo and a postal stamp as well as a 7gypsies number on top.

For stamping I again used a Klartext stamps “Denglisch” stamp set sentiment. It means something like this: A matter that has been thoroughly discusses should now be forgotten and not talked about anymore.

That´ s all for today. See you tomorrow with another post!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Journal – May 5th

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I am again sharing another page from my “DAJ” (daily art journal). Here is may 5th:

I used Neocolor 2 crayons for this one again and pearlescent watercolours for the background.

And I added again a Klartext “Denglish” stamp image onto the page. This means translated into proper english something like: enjoy your life to the fullest. That is a good reminder for a Sunday, isn´ t it?

Have a great one!
xxx, Sanna


DIY “Vintage” Labels – Dani Peuss

Hello lovelies and welcome back! Today I am sharing a quick idea I recently had when I organized my Klartext stamps. I am sure, other peeps have had this idea at some point too, and it might not be that “new”, but since I was so excited about it, I am going to share it here for you to enjoy too:

You will need a label stamp set, like this one and red, black/blue, brown stamp inks from your stash. You could take a kraft cardstock or if you prefer the labels in lighter tone white/cream/vanilla toned cardstock.

And here is how to make them (it is a no-brainer, but I still wanted to share, because I was excited about it):

Pretty easy, right? If you want to make the labels look more used, just grab a brown toned Distress Ink of your preferance and add some ink with a blending tool here and there to create a more “used” look.

Hope you like the idea! See you soon again,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – April 28th

Hello and happy Saturday! Today I am again stopping by to share another Daily Art Journal Practice page with you. This is again done using the Artistic Almanac as the starting point.

For this page I used a piece of kitchen roll that has similar colours of ink on it already (yes, I save some of those if I like the colours!). On top of that I just added Stabilo black marks. Then I took a piece of fabric and colored it with crayons in red, orange and yellow. After spraying water the colours mixed nicely together.

After they were dry, I adhered them on place and added stamped Klartext sentiments on top. This page turned out really nice in my opinion. I like the texture and the colours here alot!

See you tomorrow with another share!
xxx, Sanna