May flip-thru – DAP-Journal

Hi everyone! Today I am quickly stopping by to share the promised flip-thru-video of the month of May in my DAP-Journal.

I hope it inspires you to open up your art journal and make a page of two! Thanks for stopping by!
xxx, Sanna

Daily Art Practice – May 29-31

Hello and happy Monday! Today I am again sharing 3 tiny pages from my DAP-Journal.

For this first one I used the almanac page and combined some magazine pages and words to it. The words translate to: “Categories: natural and artificial”.

For this one I created a centerpiece from the almanac page and added magazine pages in similar colours around it and then stamped some Klartext stamp images and wrote a word to accompany them. This one translates to: “Sincerely don´ t care”.

For the last piece I did pretty uch the same. I added some magazine page bits to the almanac page, then took some leftover pieces from previous almanac pages and added them in between and finished the page off with some gesso here and there and then fussy cut washi tape words. This washi is from Studio Calico from way back, when I used to subscribe their kits.

So this was May. I will share a flip-thru video of the May pages soon and then continue sharing June. I bet I cannot finish this journal by the end of this year, but it is not easy posting a page a day constantly. Life usually gets in between ;-).

Take care,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – May 27th

Hello and happy Saturday! Here is another DAP-Journal share:

For this one I used the Artistic Almanac 2022 almanac page as my background, then added some newspaper article bits between the old photo and the almanac page and decorated with a tiny piece of ribbon. On top of it all a Klartext stamp sentiment again.

Simple, easy and fun!
Have a great Saturday!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – May 26th

Hello and happy Friday! Today´ s DAP-Journal share is here:

For this piece I used leftover newspaper bits, some old book page residues and added a magazine image (the lady) that I fussy cut on top. In between the layers I used washi tapes and gesso and on top of everything I added a Klartext stamp sentiment.

The sentiment translates to: “Alice first had to fall, before she was able to reach wonderland”. Keeping that in mind on my recovery journey every day. We all fall sometimes, we struggle and fall, but we always get up in the end and fight some more, right? Because, what else is there to do than to continue with what you have and try again, maybe next time wiser and a bit harder and more determined.

Let´ s keep that in mind and remembert to cherish all the good things that happen in between. Hope your weekend will be full of wonderful and good things!
Lots of love,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – May 24-25th

Hello and happy Thursday! Today I am again sharing two pages form my DAP-Journal:

This piece is as big as the almanac page (in fact it is the original almanac page) and I only added some stamping and a bit of ribbon to it. Why? Because my journal is getting VERY thick and I trying to fit as many days into it as possible. I probably will need to split it into at least 3 sections in the end, but hey, a girl can try, right?

This sentiment translates to: Hey fighting spirit, I am incredibly proud of you.

For May 25th I continued the faces outside the almanac page and boy did I enjoy drawing these wonky faces. I haven´ t been doing faces in a while. It´ s something I want to do more of again, so this was a good reminder. I used a black Posca pen for drawing and then added colour with Neocolor 2´ s. For the sentiment I again used a Klartext stamp that says: “you are wonderful”.

I hope these pages lifted your spirits!
Have a great day,
xxx, Sanna