Daily Art Practice – March 27th

Hello and happy Sunday! Today i am again dropping by to share my next page in my Daily Art Practice Journal, where I use the Artist Almanac 2022 pages as my starting point.

I loved the March 27th almanac page so much!! It is exactly something that totally speaks to me at the moment. I just kept adding bits and bobs to the background from my scrap-jar and ended up with this. A Tim Holtz paper doll on top and some Stabilo all black to the background plus a Klartext stamp finishes everything off.

And there is again a video up on my YouTube channel – where you can also watch all previous pages, if you want to:

Here are some detail photos of the page too:

See you next week again with more journal pages and some Dani Peuss related projects. Have a fabulous Sunday!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – March 24th

Hello and happy Wednesday! I am at it again – after a longer break. Here is another piece for my year-long daily art practice art journal with the Artist Almanac page of March 24th.

I just felt like adding her come crazy hair, so I did :). It´ s basically just paper leftover bits cut into strands of hair. I felt she needed that. Or maybe I need that sunshine in my life. Immediately brightened her look up. Didn´ t want to see her sad.

After that I just glued them on place, added some Faber-Castell gelatos and Stabilo all black and a stamped sentiment with Klartext stamps.

Lots of fun were had making this one. I know I am late and very behind, but I needed that little break from this journal after covid. I just didn´ t feel like creating any pages the past weeks. I hardly had energy to go to work. Now that things are getting better I am at it again. And sometimes other things are more important. It´ s okay to take a break and it´ s ok not to feel like creating. When that happens, I just wait and soon enough I feel the need to do some creative work again. And then it also feels good and right.

I hope you are as happy to see me continue this journal as I felt doing this page. See you with more soon!
Have a great day!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 80

Hello and happy Wednesday! Slowly getting back on my feet here after Covid (yay!). I am badly behind with my daily art practice-journal, but hey ho – there is a reason for it too. I am trying to do as much pages as I possibly can, hoping to finish March soon ;-). Here is the 21st of March:

I loved the almanac piece as it is, so I just added papers that happened to look exactly like the almanac page. I had them as leftovers from a Dani Peuss paper-layout and they worked out just perfect. The black and white photo is fussy cut from a magazine. And then used my current absolute favorite stamp by Klartext!!

And again some detail photos:

I hope you enjoyed this simple piece. I love the patterns and colours so much. Oh, and the stamp translates to: “Patience? As if I had time for that”. Like I said, these snarky/sarcastic sentiments just hit my nerve :). Have a good one!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 79

Hello and happy Saturday! Today I am sharing day 79 with you without further ado. You all know this by now if you have been following the daily journey :).

And for this piece I again added a paper strip into the journal to then add the full almanac page as it is. I loved it so much, I just could not cut it into parts! So I did the easy way and just added some more clouds, a strip of border paper and a stamped sentiment (by Klartext). The watercolours I had were pearlescent, so the sky is brighter, therefore the border in between.

And the Distress Oxide was used with the Newspaper 2 Klartext stamp. The birds were drawn by me and the sentiment was stamped with Die Story Klartext stamp.

Here is a quick share of the stamp I am using on my last pages. It is so cool for mixed media details in my journal.

I hope you still enjoyed today´ s share, even though very simple. But I wanted to save the piece as a highlight in the journal as it is. Just love it! Okay, see you again tomorrow with another daily piece.
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 77

Hello and welcome back to the daily routine! I am slowly starting with the daily posts again after the Covid break. Here is day 77 (March 19). Hope you enjoy!

I am not going to try and catch up on all days, I might do a few in a row maybe, but we will see how that goes. I used Neocolor 2´ s here again with Posca markers adn Klartext stamps as well as Stabilo all black.

I cut the almanac page into “half-circles”, colored the background, added stamping with “Newspaper 2” stamp and stamped the sentiments with “Nicht Okay” stamp set.

and here a few more photos:

See you tomorrow again. Boy am I glad to have higher CT-levels again, even though I am still feeling a bit under the weather and my nose is still very clogged and I get tired still. It took the virus almost exactly 2 years to find me. Thank goodness I am vaccinated, would not want to see how it would have worked out without the jabs. And glad to be back to creating even if just slowly! Today was my first day of work after 10 days, boy I am DONE. Thank goodness weekend is around the corner; will need that additional rest still.

Take care lovelies,
xxx, Sanna