Celebrate – The Nifty Pixel, Cosmo Bloom

Hi there, everyone! Time for some more The Nifty Pixel Cosmo Bloom goodness! This time I´m sharing a quick card I created by using just a piece of the digi cardstock and the lovely digi numbers and alphas from the Cosmo Bloom kit.

Here is what I did: I just cut the pinkish cardstock into right size, glued it down onto the card base and then punched with a circle punch around the numbers. This is sooo fast and easy to do! And next I just needed to assembly the numbers onto the card and glue them down, then add some golden texture spray splatters and a fussy cut, stamped sentiment….annnd the card is done!

Super easy and super fast! Here is a direct link to the Nifty Pixel blog for more inspiration and if you follow this link, it will directly take you to the store, where you can do some Cosmo Bloom digi kit shopping!! Have fun!

xxx, Sanna

Cosmo Bloom – The Nifty Pixel April release

Hello there, lovelies!! How about some brand new gorgeous digi kits from the Nifty Pixel? Did I hear a yes??? Well, I´ve had my share of great fun with this months Cosmo Bloom kit! It is (again) just absolutely gorgeous! Lots of cardstock, journal cards, painted and patterned paper designs in the kit that make my heart beat faster :). Not to mention the beautiful elements pieces – they really look very 3D when printed!! And then there are all kinds of masks and frames to go with the previous – I am sure you will love this kit. Here is a little overview:

This time I´ve taken some photos with my mobile phone about the printing process to show you how easy it is. You just need a color printer that prints an oversize format (A3). I´ve used a HP Office Jet 7500A Wide Format color printer for printing.

The settings when printing have to be on normal paper, CMYK (Euro scale), high quality and the paper I used is by Papyrus LuxoArt Samt 200 gramms (samt is German and means “velvet”). It has a velvet kind of surface, mat, not shiny. Even though it is a coated paper. I´m printing on A3 papers and cutting the residues off in the end.

Here you can see how the papers look like when they come out of the printer:

And here are all the gorgeous designs all printed and cut in size:

You might notice that the elements pieces are printed on glossy paper, that gives them a more dimentional look. That is the only difference between the papers I used. If you prefer a shiny result, use glossy paper/coated silk papers and if you want a less shiny print result, choose coated printing papers.

When using glossy paper, you have to change the settings into slower printing mode so that the ink can dry and does not smear.

One more note: depending on the quality of the paper you may or may not be able to use water based media on it! I´ve added stamping and color splatters and even pastes on the Papyrus LuxoArt papers (the non-shiny ones). However the shiny paper I´m using will not work in combination with those – let´s just say I tried and did not succeed :). So better test the paper first on how it reacts, before going over on large scale with various media :).

And here is the first layout I created using this kit:

The only things added to this page that are not from Nifty Pixel are the hand carved heart stamp images on the background in combination with some Glimmer Glaze, the yarn and the black pen outlining and finally just a few strips of washi here and there. Oh, and of course the alphas, they obviously are not from the kit. I´ve created a fun separate project with the kit alphas that I will share with you later. So make sure you come back for more Nifty Pixel projects coming up soon!

ps. you can buy the resent kit and the previous ones from here :).

Have a great day,
xxx, Sanna