Daily Art Practice – April 29th

Hello and happy Saturday! Today I am stopping by to share another daily art practice journal page with you. These are always created using the Artistic Almanac 2022 as a starting point.

For this page I used white gesso on the background, then added Neocolor II crayons on top and mixed them with water. When everything was dry, I added pencil marks on top and finished the page off with another Klartext stamp sentiment. Fun and fast this time!

I also found the page so suitable with the sentiment on it and the accompanying sentiment that I added. Mine translates to: “Before you ask: no”. And yes, there is panic in the air stil. I was hoping my surgery would solve that problem, but it didn´ t yet, so I am still continuing this journey apparently. Thus the page just matches my recent feelings very well. Therefore it was very therapeutic to create it!

For me, crafting is therapy, I get to process feelings on pages and it always, always helps. I wonder if anyone of you does the same? Would love to hear how it has helped you guys.

Take care,
xxx, Sanna


Happy mail from Australia

Hello everyone and happy Easter Monday! I recently received a set of mixed media art print papers from Yuna in Australia. She has been watching my videos on YouTube (daily art practices) and she contacted me to ask me, if she could send me some happy mail!

I first thought she had misteken my location to Australia instead of Austria. But that wasn´ t the case. She wanted to send me some of her art work prints to play with all the way to Europe! And here they are:

That is so very, very kind of Yuna! I cannot wait to play with them and add them to my art journal!! I will make sure to share on my YT channel, when I incorporate these pieces, too! Thank you so much Yuna, that is so very kind of you to send me your work as prints! They are just lovely!!! I cannot wait to play with them!

Thanks again so much,
xxx, Sanna