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Hello everyone and happy Friday!! How have you been spending the many hours in social isolation? I have been watching the Facebook lives by Dina Wakley and Tim Holtz on regular basis, Dina´s almost daily. It has been so very inspiring.

I cannot draw the way artists draw. Like real looking faces or landscapes that look like photos. That kind of things, you know. I don´t have the patience and also I am not interested in such drawings that much. I am more the abstract type. That is why Dina´s FB demos hit home so hard.

So I have some new stuff home, like her Scriblle Sticks and the Stabilo pen. Whoa! What a game changer! And so much fun!!! And yesterday evening I just started scribbling with the sticks in my journal and ended up with a face. Here it is:

And you know what? It´s not perfect and the proportions are not perfect either and she looks like she hasn´t washed her hair in weeks. LOL! But she is what I created that evening and I am so happy with it. I loved the Scribble Sticks and the Stabilo pen. So, so much fun!

I love the way Dina just creates, freely and completely in peace with herself. So if a bottle has no cap on and it falls over? No drama! She just goes with it and enjoys the creative process. I find that so very refreshing in a world where you are not supposed to make mistakes and an eyebrow is often lifted if you are not conform with what is expected of you.

I have been a bit lost with my creating the past days. Everything just felt so dull. I think this isolation thing is starting to get to me (day 26 today). At least there is sunshine! And tulips! And crafting!

See, I haven´t been sleeping very well lately, due to muscle ache in my operated foot. That is definitely not doing any good to me, the sleep deprivation. Hoping for a better day tomorrow!

Happy crafting and let´s stay healthy!
xxx, Sanna