Rubber boot princess – Paperilla lehti

Hi there! Today it is again my turn to share with you a little technique tutorial for the Paperilla magazine´s blog. Enjoy!

I started by stamping some Prima Marketing frames (set is called Optimist) with a black Hero Arts chalk ink onto the white cardstock. See how I drew lines on both sides with a pencil? That was my measurement for the space I needed to line 3 frames next to each other.

This is how the stamped frame background looks like when finished.

Next I chose some of my favorite Distress Ink colours and coloured the frames using the inks and a water tank brush.

This is how the finished coloured background looks like. I first added a lighter layer of colour and then went over the frame only on one side with a darker tone to create a shadow.

I then took a piece of light pink cardstock and used all my Martha Stewart border punches and created pretty borders. After that I glued them overlappingly on both sides of the white cardstock. Now the base of the layout was done.

I then went on and added some washi tape, some sequins and lots and lots of flowers (I know, right?!!) and a really long title with shiny silver glitter alphas :). I bet you are not used to seeing such pinky, flowery, girly pages around here on my blog *laughing* !!?? I was really shocked too, while creating this, but honestly, I really, really like the end result (scary, isn´t it.. ;-)..).

This is the finished page:

So now I´ll leave you all to recover from your shock ;-)… See you around and have fun scrapping!

ps. I bet you noticed that long title on this one? well, it is in Finnish :). It says nothing else than “rubber boot princess”. A good scrappy friend of mine once asked me why I scrap/use English titles on my layouts on regular basis. Well, it is kind of a complicated issue for me. When I started scrapping, I only used Finnish (my mother tongue). However I was not always happy with it as not many people in my family would be able to read that later on in time (we do live in Austria…). I then slowly started to wonder, if it would be better to scrap in German, but it was always a struggle. I didn´t feel comfortable with scrapping in German – maybe it had something to do with the grammar and with the fear of not getting it right. I didn´t want to make mistakes when writing and I was not always able to speak from the heart when writing in German (it is, still, my third language..). So I ended up doing a mixture of all things. One time scrapping in Finnish, then again in German and then jumping over to English. I still quite cannot figure out what works for me the best. It is hard to choose, when you speak German at home every day, but your “real”, “deep” language is something else. What language to pick? Should I risk making the mistakes I am for sure going to make when writing in German? So, somehow I then ended in doing all my writing/titles in English. I mean I do lots of titles in English first of all, because they are much shorter than they would be in German and/or in Finnish :). And then either do just a little journaling and that will be in English too. Sometimes, however, I write the journaling in Finnish and from time to time I do it in German too. But then I mainly hide it behind the photos. That way I don´t have to worry about getting it right or wrong – my family will know what I wanted to say and will not care for the mistakes :). So I don´t know if this answers any of my friends questions. I bet she is now even more confused ;-)…I know it still confuses me, but I try not to make an issue out of it. I just go with my gut feeling and create what feels right at that time. Would be really interesting to know how other multilingual peeps solve this? And how about if you lived abroad for a long time – did it change your scrapping – language wise? If any of you read this, drop me a line, I´d love to hear from you :). Happy scrapping!!

8 Gedanken zu “Rubber boot princess – Paperilla lehti

  1. Voi kuinka ihana layout taas <3 tuo leimatausta on kyllä mahtava. Kiitos vinkistä. 🙂 menee käyttöön varmasti! ( joskus sitä ihmettelee, että miten ihmeessä tällaisia ei osaa itse ottaa käyttöön. Onneksi on siis joku (;)), joka osaa tehdä, saa kaunista aikaiseksi ja laittaa ohjeita vielä näkyville!!!!) kiitos!

    Ja kumppariprinsessa otsikko on parhainta suomeksi <3

  2. No, I am not confused it makes perfect sense to me 🙂 <3 I cannot believe what a fantastic job you have done with those stamps!!! What a gorgeous result! You are one talented and very clever cookie both as a linguist and a scrapper xx