Rainbow of happiness AJ page

Hello and happy Monday! Today I´m stopping by to share another face experiment from my art journal. This one is a little bit crazy, because of the smiley face and the strange darkish purple face.

See, I started the page with my brand new Dina Wakley gloss sprays and I just sprayed them directly into the page without gessoing it or anything. I just had gotten hold of them and was practically just spraying around to see what happens and how they react. I did lots of gorgeous colours like magenta, turquoise, yellow and purple from her spray line. Then I was like: „now what?“

Then I thought that as I had already gone crazy with rainbow colours, why stop there! So I simply drew a face on top. And not just any face – a smiley face! I am really bad at teeth..but who cares. Practise makes better, right?

So the teeth might not be perfect, but I really like her eyes (the iris!). They look so real. I am not going to lie, that was just a lucky accident that they turned out so nice. The rest is more or less crazy. LOL!

BUT, since I did all the colours of the rainbow, I added a fun rainbow quote to the page to finish it off. Et voilá! And because she looks all happy and is smiling, I just needed to add a flower into her hair!

Wishing you a fabulous week and lots of sunshine!
xxx, Sanna


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