Pink and blue color combo – Canvas Corp Brands

Hello there, lovelies!!! I´m up with this card project over at the Canvas Corp blog. Have you visited the blog lately? There are a ton of ideas and project the team keeps sharing on regular basis, so make sure you visit them for some amazing projects!!! Here are the cards I made:

It is a set of pink and blue toned cards. When I saw the “Seed Pockets” paper, I immediately knew I wanted to create some fun and colorful cards with it.

And creating these cards was very easy! Just pick up some Glimmer Mist sprays and add some color into a paint cup (just a little bit is enough!) and start coloring. Yes, just use the mist as it is, no need to add any water :). I used blue Baseboard (matte colors) mist and lime and pink Glimmer Mists (the shiny ones) on these cards.

If you look closely, you might even notice that there is a slight shine also on the white areas. I used the Glimmer Mist “pearl” tone for those areas. It is a mist with just a tad of pearlized shine, without any color in it. Perfect for subtle shine effects!

And when you are done with coloring the base and the layer is all dry, you can go over some areas with pink Glimmer Glam. This paint has shiny glimmer particles in it, so it will add some fancy sparkle into your project. When the layer is dry, all you need to do is to adhere some burlap on the card base and then adhere the “Seed Pockets” with 3D foam on place and your cards are done.

Very fast and easy to do and thanks to the gorgeous burlap colors on the background these cards will for sure brighten up the recepients day :). I hope you have enjoyed this little project!!

Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna

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