Monochromatic face

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! Today I´m again stopping by to share another face experiment/face drawing in a bigger format in my black Ranger Inc. art journal. You know I did #the100dayproject this year for the very first time and drew 100 faces on tags.

While I did that challenge, I also from time to time practised the same image in a bigger format into my art journal to see how I´d do with that. It´s actually quite challenging – at least I find it challenging – to first draw a smaller face and then draw a bigger one immediately after in same manner. Getting the proportions approximately right is good practise.

For this face I again used the Neocolor 2 crayons and created this monochromatic look. So I used solely purple shades here.

I am still in awe about how much you can learn in just 100 days. Imagine you practise a little of someting every day for a year!! The things you can achive in that time..!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!
xxx, Sanna


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