Looking back – this was 2016

Hello there, I am here posting a little overview of what I created 2016. Don´t worry, I am not going to share everything, just a few faves of mine :). Here are some thoughts on my work and the creative year 2016. Let´s start with my cards:


There are my nine faves from past year. I created quite a few cards during the past year, more cards than layouts actually. I think I needed a break from scrapbooking in a way. The layouts I created I totally loved, but it was not my go-to creative outlet in 2016. I did more other crafty projects. And in my opinion that is the way it should go, we should do what we feel most comfortable with that moment. And now, after doing less layouts for a year, I can again see myself making more. It feels more interesting again.

My cards have lots of die cutting details in them, that is due to the design teams I was in, I think. And besides, I enjoyed a move towards this direction creativity wise quite much. Looking at my cards, do you notice what is missing? The splatters!! They have been following me for a couple of years now and in these cards there seem to be less or no splatters at all. But don´t be fooled, I am still a splatter girl :). Just yesterday I managed to splatter my whole computer screen, my keyboard and my photo printer with white paint splatters. YES! That´s me… Thank God I was able to remove every little stain and droplet. I am not even going to go into detail how that happened, but things happen around here when I get creative, people :).


I still seem to have a thing for color too. It´s happy bright colors apparently, that I am drawn towards naturally. And I still think kraft and browns with whites and blacks look good together. Tags are appearing more and more in my work. I made quite a few last year. And enjoyed making them very much. I like them, they are small but still offer enough space to experiment and play with techniques and media. My desk is always a mess after working on how ever small an artpiece *lol* you´d think I created something big by to look of my working area, but no, it´s just a tag or two *laugh*..


And then there are other crafty projects like OTP, minibooks, art journaling and ATC´s and even home deco. Yes, I actually did all of those last year. I always thought it would not be my thing to do home deco, but I must admit I quite enjoy it! AND besides, we DO spend a lot of time in our craftrooms BUT do we also showcase stuff we do? So that is something that is about to change in the future.


I signed in for an online class that lasted a whole year. That was fun – although I did not manage to finish every single prompt/tutorial. I still plan to, though :-). And then there were friends, I can´t recall if I chose OLW for 2016, but if there should be a word for 2016, it should be friends. I met many of my crafty friends in 2016 in person. That is something really special. I cherish it very much!! And we are not talking about friends living right around the corner, no, these friends I met, live scattered around the whole world. And to meet some of them in person is really something special!!!

Then I got the possibility to go to Frankfurt (Creative World/Paperworld) and do demos there. Now that was really special. Something I hadn´t even dared to dream about. Somewhere in the corners of my mind there was always a little spark of hope, and it coming true was really special to me. I enjoyed interacting with people very much.

I am not a very communicative person. Well, I´ve gotten much better in time, but I am not the type of person who loves to be the center of attention. Thru this hobby I´ve learned how to share ideas, even teach and hold classes. Being more of an introvert than an extrovert I am very proud of myself for coming this far.


So for 2017 my one little word (OLW) is going to be WONDER. I think it fits. I want to live more curiously (in  a good way!), discover new things, discover surprising things, be more astonished about creativity, ideas, techniques and play more. Does that make sense? I want to wonder, discover and develop. And travel, yes, that too. I´ve decided it´s going to be a good year. I want to concentrate on the good, the positive.

There is just something about the first days of the new year that makes us feel like we can conquer and achieve anything. I hope I can call upon this feeling throughout the year and at the end of this year be able to say it was an amazing year!

Thank you for coming around once and a while and reading my posts. I am still wondering if someone stops by besides me and Lizzy *lol*.

I wish you a wonderful 2017!! Let´s stay curious and creative!!!
xxx, Sanna

Special discounts for you!!!

Hello lovelies and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I wish you all a wonderful start into the new year and boy do I have a great goodie prepared for you :)!!! Starting from TODAY, when using my special STAMPlorations DISCOUNT CODE, you will get 20% off your order of their stamps, dies and stencils!!! Good one, huh?


Just click the icon above, it will take you directly to the store, so that you can start using it :)!! I am pretty excited about this, as it is very generous of Shery, the store owner, to offer a code like this. Best part, it is valid as long as I am a member of this team which means you are good to keep on shopping with this code at least the next 6 months if not longer (I´m hoping for longer *laughs*).

OK, so what is in and what not? You CAN order as many times as you want to, just make sure you add the code at the COUPON CODE section upon checkout from the store. The code is good for BOTH regular and SALE prized goods in the store!! The only „no-no“ is that you cannot combine this code with any other sale codes which actually is common everywhere, so makes perfect sense to me. Just in case you are not sure what to type in, this is the code: STAMPGIRLSANNA (just copy and paste :)..). Have fun!!!

Wishing you a great time shopping!!!
xxx, Sanna

Theia – Mixed Media Lamp Art Doll – Canvas Corp Brands

Hello everyone! As you might have noticed, I´ve met quite a few of my international scrappy friends this year (it´s been a good year – meeting creative friends is the best!!!). Some of them I met at various events/fairs and some of them I visited or they visited me. The latest visitor came a long way across the big ocean and stayed a few days at my place. We had been talking about this get-together for a loooong time and it was so great we could finally make it work!

(click the photo ABOVE to see the person I am talking about 🙂 :-)…)

SAnna Lippert, mixed media art dollBesides doing sightseeing and eating lots, we also took some time to get creative together! I really enjoyed having Tina around and I wish she could have stayed longer. BUT there is always next time, isn´t there!!! So we naturally went looking for fun junk to alter. Part of it was sponsored by my lovely husband – thanks for the great old bicycle lamps, honey!! AND part of the treasures were found at the Naschmarkt Flea Market. After having gathered all kinds of pieces together, our hands were itching for some creative time. We both altered a bicycle lamp to a mixed media art doll. Both in our own way. Today I´m sharing my creation here with a little tutorial to go with it and Tina will share her´s on her blog (follow this link). This is how I created my „Theia“:

SAnna Lippert, mixed media art dollStep 1 – First, attach the lamp and the podium together with screws and make sure the parts do not move around. Without sanding or pre-treating the surface, start applying the Black Decor & DIY paint onto the lamp surface. Let dry and then apply a layer of Crackle Medium. It is best to let it dry over night. Repeat the same procedure on the podium, but this time using the Decor & DIY and paint in the color Mankato.

SAnna Lippert, mixed media art dollSAnna Lippert, mixed media art dollStep 2 – If the Crackle Medium is strong like mine and the cracks are too wide/big, apply another layer of paint. I needed to do this.

SAnna Lippert, mixed media art dollSAnna Lippert, mixed media art dollStep 3 – Take 4 sheets of old book paper and fold them into a fan. Glue together with hot glue to create a circle. Attach it to the “doll head” with hot glue. Add vintage photo  distress ink around the edges and spray with water mist to get the ink to react and spread. Dry with a heat gun. Then apply silver glitter glue for interest. Let dry.

SAnna Lippert, mixed media art dollSAnna Lippert, mixed media art dollStep 4 – Attach a brass crown on top of the “doll head” with hot glue. Add some Mankato toned paint on top to alter it. Attach half pearls on top. Next attach a piece of lace as a “hair band” and create a bow. Glue down with hot glue (but don’t burn your fingers!). Decorate with half pearls. Attach jump rings as earrings to both sides of the head.

SAnna Lippert, mixed media art dollStep 5 – Create a sentiment sign (mine says: ‘Explore Life’, and is made out of a piece of old book paper with a rub-on statement). Glue it in place with hot glue. Paint chipboard stars with Decor & DIY Paint in Black, and attach around the podium. Wrap a strip of silver yard on top and attach a half pearl on top of each star. Alter some brass pieces and attach with heat glue. I used various brass leaves for decoration. One on front and two as wings on both sides.

SAnna Lippert, mixed media art dollSAnna Lippert, mixed media art dollStep 6 – Finally use hot glue to glue down false eyelashes and attach a row of small half pearls on top. You can add more decorations to it if you would like, but I only added a little DIY lace flower on the back of the folded paper piece. That way the back of the doll also looks more interesting. The doll now decorates my studio area. The doll reminds me a bit of the Pixar lamp, but also has elements of a frilled-neck lizard, a gypsy princess and even Achilles. How’s that for a junk lamp art doll?

SAnna Lippert, mixed media art dollSAnna Lippert, mixed media art dollI hope you get inspired to take a second look at junk lying around your house and create a fun decoration out of it!! Have fun!!!

…and now make sure you check out Tina´s creation!!! I love her work, and this piece is no exception!!!! It was such a pleasure having you around Tina, I miss your company very much! We need to do this again very soon – one way or the other 🙂 !!

Happy creating,
xxx, Sanna

Tattered Angels – Decor & DIY Paint – Ebony
Tattered Angels – Decor & DIY Paint – Mankato
Crackle Medium – Viva Decor
7gypsies – Jump Rings
7gypsies – Jump Rings – Antique Silver
Silver yarn
Chipboard stars – Wycinanka Scrap & Decou
Half pearls – Zva Creative
Old latin book sheets from a flea market
Vintage photo Distress Ink – Ranger Ind. Inc.
Lace from a junk store
Silver glitter glue
Brass elements – another flea market find
Tim Holtz Rub-Ons
Scissors & Heat glue
Paper glue & Paint brushes

Happy news – STAMPlorations design team

Hi there, I have been keeping a little secret from you and can finally share!

I was lucky enough to be chosen to be part of the STAMPlorations Mixed Media Design Team!!! Now if you know me, you know that I love stamps, stencils and media and it will be a pleasure to join this team for a fun mixed media adventure!!!

My term will officially start in July, so make sure to drop by my blog from time to time for some mixed media fun!! I am very much looking forward to joining the STAMPlorations family!! Now hop over to their blog to read more about the design team and the blog challenges, inspiration and product!!!

See you soon,
xxx, Sanna

This and that & how I love this hobby!

Hi there! Today I feel like sharing some thoughts about my hobby with you. Many years ago, when I first discovered scrapbooking, I knew there would be no turning back. It was passion at first sight. Sure, my style and my way of scrapbooking have changed, but the passion for creating has always remained the same (or gotten deeper). I just cannot live without being creative and paper (..and stamps and stencils and pastes and ink etc…) is my thing.

I had been going thru my Flickr galleries today and looking back on what I have created so far. I remember, when I started scrapbooking, it´s only purpose for me was to gather the memories together and write the story behind the photos down. And it still is. Even though it is not just about the photos anymore, those still play a big part in my hobby. The photos I choose, the stories I tell with my layouts – they all get scrapped for a reason. I want to remember, I want to write them down, so that my kids and grandkids some day can see them too (I might need to add a date and a detail on some of the layouts tho..got distracted during the process and forgot to add those, oh so important details).

BUT there is also another part to this hobby – it´s about playing, exploring new techniques, new ways to use product, about being creative and learning. I never went to art school, never learned the rules of design, so I feel I am not in the position to say that what I make is art :). It´s a hobby I enjoy very, very much and thru doing it, I might learn a trick or two and some art rules along the way.

Sanna LippertThere was a time when I only did layouts, then there was a time when I made more cards than layouts, and there was a time I could not even imagine making canvases, ATC´s or art journal spreads and look where I am now. I find it interesting to try an off the page project. I enjoy trying out small jewellery projects – simple and easy ones. It is a wonderful world of creative possibilities and from time to time it´s nice to try out new things. And there is still so much that I´d like to give a try (and one is never done with learning!!). Good thing there are online lessons you can book and classes you can take part on.

Speaking of those, I booked myself in on the Wanderlust class for this year. So far I am very happy I did. It sparks my creativity, I learn new things and it inspires me in so many ways. Here are a few things I created based on that class so far:

Sanna Lippert Sanna LippertGood thing it is a self paced class, since I am already a bit bedind 😉 …Sanna LippertWhen I started this hobby, craft fairs were something I had heard of, but like another universe for me. And last year I had the opportunity to join in myself. I visited CHA for the very first time. I was so overwhelmed by all the impressions in there that it took me months to actually realize what I had seen and what an impact it had on me. I also had some of my work displayed there at The Crafter´s Workshop booth for the first time. It felt really unreal being displayed there amongst well known creative people! The small me amongst all the creative masterminds. A dream I never deared to dream suddenly came true!

This year I had the opportunity to send some of my work in again. It still feels so very unreal. I feel very humble and grateful that Canvas Corp Brands would consider displaying my work. Just take a look at this Canvas Corp Brands 2016 CHA booth. Isn´t it pretty? And somewhere there between all the gorgeous art pieces, you might even spot a piece or two created by me.

Canvas Corp Brands Canvas Corp BrandsCanvas Corp BrandsThe whole booth is just tru eye candy, isn´t it? If you are interested to see more details, check out this playlist on my YouTube channel.

Canvas Corp BrandsCanvas Corp BrandsCanvas Corp Brands Canvas Corp Brands Canvas Corp Brands Canvas Corp BrandsAnd then something else totally amazing happened! I was asked to demo at the Paperworld/Creativeworld in Frankfurt at the Elizabeth Craft Designs booth!! Now this is a HUGE fair!! It was my very first demo gig on a fair and what an amazing experience it was (more about that over here)!!

Then something about learning new tricks – thanks to Shannon, I´ve done a bit of learning and updated my YouTube channel. It has been really quiet over there during the past year and I am really motivated to be more active there in the future – thanks Shannon! Planning on doing videos in German, English and maybe a few even in Finnish again. Shannon has an amazing and very active channel, so make sure you check it out!

And one more thing (promise, this is the last one). Scrappy friends!! They are something really special! I´ve decided that this year will be an international scrappy friend year, as I´ve for sure met more of my special international scrappy friends this year, than I ever have before. And there is this one very special lady who came a looooooong way to meet me – Lizzy <3! Miss you already!!

Sanna LippertThere might be more meetings coming up, but I´ll tell about those in due course.

This is pretty much random happy stuff in random order, shared in one very long post – well done, if you made it to the end :). To put it in a nutshell: I love this hobby, my scrappy friends, the creating, the teaching, the interaction with like minded people! And I am feeling very thankful today for all the things I´ve been able to experience thru this hobby!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day lovelies!!!
xxx, Sanna

News flash!! – Canvas Corp Brands

Hi there! I am so very, very thrilled and excited about this great honour to be featured over at the Canvas Corp Brands blog today:

Sanna Lippert I hope you will hop over to the Canvas Corp Brands blog and take a look at this blog post (would be great if you left a message there too, they enjoy reading them as much as I do). Just feeling so very blessed today, over the moon happy and so very honoured – therefore just had to share the news here too. Have I told you recently that I absolutely L-O-V-E this hobby?!!

Extra special thanks to Canvas Corp Brands <3
xxx, Sanna

Creativeworld 2016 – Frankfurt

So I am back home again and it´s really good to be home, BUT I have also had the most amazing experience during the past days!!! I´ve been to Creativeworld in Frankfurt, Germany for the past days and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

I had the opportunity to join the Elizabeth Craft Designs team at their booth and to do demo´s there!! It was my very first international fair where I did product demo´s, so no wonder I was thrilled. Here are some impressions from my trip:

Sanna LippertI was not expecting to be in the same photo with Dyan and Els, but before I knew it, I was asked to join in. Note the wide grin on the photo – it had been an amazing first day at the booth so far and it sure shows. And later at the fair I was even able to chat a little bit with Dyan and it was really very interesting!!

Sanna LippertIn the evening we had some good food together with Dutch, Finnish and Polish crafty friends (from top left: Riikka, Elina, me & Kaarina and from top right: Anna, Minna, Marsha & Birgit). It was a great evening, but I think we all were quite happy to finally get to the hotel and get some sleep after a long day at the fair. I know I was, as I had taken a very early flight that Saturday morning to Frankfurt and after working all day I was really happy to finally get to bed. Besides, I had been so excited to fly, that I didn´t get much sleep the days before 🙂 …

Sanna Lippert  The Elizabeth Craft Designs booth looked very pretty with all the artwork displayed!!!

Sanna LippertNow if you know me, then you know that accidents happen, when I am around knives. Yes, and off all the hobbies in the world I chose this one 😉 … While trying to rescue a paper cutter from falling to the floor I grabbed it and cut my finger in the process. For the next fair I will make sure to bring enough band aid with me 🙂 …

Sanna LippertSanna LippertDuring one lunch break I finally managed to run to The Crafter´s Workshop booth and say hello to Jaime after a long time. It is always good to see her and chat a little – glad she had a free minute for me too. I by the way adore the new stencils!!! So many great designs in there!!

Sanna Lippert This team was so much fun! Just look at the silly faces there!! So many good laughs we had during the fair. They really made me feel welcome and part of the team! Thank you so much for everything, Els, Joep and the rest of the team. You really took such good care of me and I enjoyed working with you very much!

Sanna Lippert Riikka took this picture of me demoing the Silk Microfine Glitter. I was busy showing it to people that came to the fair basically from all over the world. So many interesting and nice people stopped by and I was able to speak Finnish, German and English with them and do the demos in those languages. I also learned a few important words in Czech and met some nice Greek and Cyprian people too – just to mention a few. There were so many nationalities there that I lost count at some point. Did I already say it was really great fun?!

Sanna Lippert  Here are some of my fave Silk Microfine Glitter color combinations from that fair.

Sanna LippertLook at our lanyards with the flowers on them, created by Els ( btw. here is how she did those 😉..). So happy she gave me a few flowers to go with my lanyard. There had been quite a few people admiring those and I´m so proud to have that piece at home as a reminder of fun times in Frankfurt!!

Sanna LippertI didn´t manage to visit all the pavillions – it is quite a big fair. At Creativeworld, there was quite a lot of street art theme going on. Just look at those walls – we were actually able to watch the artists at work drawing these live onto the wall as their booth was right next to ours – such talented people!!!

Sanna LippertThe tapes were nicely displayed. I didn´t dare to take a better look than this, as I have quite a big stock of tapes at home. Got to use those first 😉 …

Sanna LippertThat cow was my favorite art piece at the fair, but it sure was not the only amazing artwork I saw. The street art themed area with all the art pieces was just amazing! And the dreamcatchers at the Rayher booth were gorgeous! I was not able to visit many booths, as I was busy working myself, but from what I saw, pens, markers, & street art were really a strong trend. Not to forget mixed media and home deco.

Sanna LippertOur booth was located right around the corner from Prima booth, where Riikka was demoing. We were always waving to each other across the hallway, but hardly had time to chat. Even this photo was a „last minute project“. And I might add that I apparently still need some practise in taking selfies.

Sanna LippertI was so lucky to meet Aisling, who works for Elizabeth Craft Designs. She was so much fun to hang around with and I really enjoyed her company alot and I guess you can really see that in this photo too. We had some really good laughs during the four days!

Sanna LippertThe whole trip was such an amazing experience to me and finally when flying home, I for the first time flew over the Vienna cityscape and the sky was so clear that I could see Schönbrunn and the Viennese Dream on Ice (taking place at the City Hall Square) with all the evening lights on. I´ve actually never flown over the city centre like this before. So another special experience to add to my amazing trip!

I know I am repeating myself, but it truly was a great experience to be able to do demo´s at the fair. I really enjoyed showcasing the products and talking to/with different people. I am taking so many experiences and memories home with me from this trip.


My favorites from 2015

Hello there and Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely New Year´s Eve? I did. We spent it with friends and went to bed way too late. But we had a really good time eating stuffed bread and a corn chowder soup, talking and laughing until way past midnight.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-02 um 10.29.09I had been looking back at my work from 2015 and I noticed that I „only“ created around 40 layouts last year. That might be because I had a somewhat turbulent year jobwise. I first very suddenly lost my job which kinda threw me out of concept. Then I found a new job which in the beginning took a lot of energy and I just did not feel like creating layouts at that time. However, the ones I created, were lots of fun. I do love this hobby of mine. So here are the ones that I like the most:

SAnna LippertI´ve discovered the joys of hybrid scrapbooking last year. It has been a fun learning process, since I have no digital scrapbooking experience whatsoever. My layouts are very colorful in general. I just cannot go past color. I adore people who create dreamy, pastellic, or CAS and white dominated pages. They are so soft, tender and light. Sometimes I try those myself, but somehow cannot pull that style together. I would love to, but it apparently is not me. I might give those styles a try again next year. Who knows, maybe I can pull it off? If you are interested in seeing all my past years layouts, just follow this link.

Sanna LIppertLet´s move on to my fave cards from 2015. For some reason I created a huge amount of cards during the past year. I think it was more than 100 pieces in all. And I had a blast creating cards!!! I did simple, mixed media, layered, misted, colored. I used all kinds of media. These are the ones I like the most. There is texture, layers and color on every single one of them. If you want to see them all, follow this link.

IMG_1950Then there were a few other projects I created. Some tags, ATC´s, art journal pages, off the page projects. And I sneaked two more cards in, because I like them alot. I took part in an Art Journal page swap too. I really liked the idea and hope to do such/similar swaps this year too. Also I find joy in creating tags and ATC´s. Off the page projects are also very much fun to create. I am already very much looking forward to creating such artwork in 2016. And here again, it is color that rules my world work. If you are interested in taking a look at my other work, check out these albums.

I am very much looking forward to being creative in 2016. I have new energy, I feel the urge to create again. Last year I reduced my design team obligations, because I felt that I could not do as much as I had used to in 2014. I don´t want to just hang in there half hearted. This year I feel I can do more again. I enjoy the teams I am in very much. There is a new team I joined in January and I am very much looking forward to sharing my take on their products with you. I´ve joined Elizabeth Craft Designs design team and will share my first artworks in a few weeks time with you.

There are still a few more topics I would like to share with you, but I think I have taken enough of your time already. So that will have to wait until the next blog post. Have a creative, amazing, inspiring and successfull 2016!!

I cannot wait to get started!!!
xxxx, Sanna

Remember the lesson – Art Journal 1/4 SWAP

Hi there lovelies! I recently took part in an art journal SWAP of a different kind. We were asked to create a full 8×10 inch art journal page and then cut it in 4 pieces and send those pieces on their way to the SWAP partners.

Here is what I did – a full 8×10 inch art journal sheet with lots of paint and pattern going on on the background. Created with Tattered Angels paints & sprays as well as some acrylic paints from my stash.

In the middle it says: „Love your life“. And the black text in the background goes something like this: „Life is too ironic to fully understand. It takes sadness to know what happiness is. Noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence. Forget the past, remember the lesson“.

Here are some close-ups:

There are quite a few layers of paint, spray ink, white and black pen, acrylic paint etc. on this piece.

I also fussy cut the heart pieces from a previous projekt leftover piece of paper and added them in the middle to add more interest and dimension to the sheet.

and then finally, this is what I sent to my SWAP partners:

So everyone will receive a different kind of piece with a different random text and bits and pieces of hearts in every single piece. I really liked creating these pieces/this sheet – I hope the recipients will find them ok too. There is a lot of heart put into this sheet :-).

I will be shearing the quarters I receive on my Instagram account as they arrive, so make sure you keep an eye on that. I am already very excited to see what my SWAP partners created!!! This has been so much fun!!! Hope we can do something like this soon again!!!

Have a nice weekend lovelies!!!!
xxx, Sanna