„39“ – Off the Rails Scrapbooking

Hello there lovelies! Today I´d like to share with you a layout that I created based on a scrapbook kit (see picture). This is my first Off the Rails inspirational post for September :).

My inspiration for creating this layout started from the rub-ons that came with the kit. I love to use rub-ons, always have and always will. I really cannot say what it is with rub-ons, but I just find that they are the perfect embellishment as you can use them as little details or even a whole sheet at once and in many ways.

Picture 1 of Fortune Teller(picture and kit by Studio Calico)

Since these rub-ons happened to have numbers on them, they perfectly matched my photo which is one of my DH on his 39th birthday.

I have a confession to make, I am a kit subscriber since a couple of years, but I hardly ever use my kits as they are. I usually take one piece from one kit and combine that with another piece from another kit. I often even organize the goodies from the kits into my stash right away and then use them later in totally random order. But this time I wanted to use the kit as it is. Someone has gone thru a lot of trouble designing and planning these kits, so I thought I´d give it a try and use this particular kit as it is for this layout. Like I said, it all originally started from the rub-ons :).


After figuring out where to place the photo, I then added the rub-ons and went along from there. I must admit, it was really easy to just grab the goodies that were in the kit and combine them onto this page, because they perfectly matched each other. The only thing I added to the kit goodies were the big black title numbers. Everything else is from the kit. Oh, sorry, the misting is from my stash too.. :). I added that as an additional detail after finishing the rest :).

Here are some detail photos:




Are you a kit subscriber? How do you use them or do you just love to hoard them? I hope this post has inspired you to take a good look at your kit stash and dig into it, to use it!! That is what it is there for, isn´t it – to get scrapped :). Don´t hoard your stuff, use it – a good motto for today :). Have fun!!

xoxo, Sanna

4 Gedanken zu “„39“ – Off the Rails Scrapbooking

  1. Another stunner….DH looks like he’s enjoying himself…& I’m with you, rub ons are FUN…..I’m sighing over your kit!!!! Can you hear me in Oz???!!!!

    • I think I heard you 🙂 I loved this kit!!!! ..well..still do as I have some goodies left 🙂

  2. It really is lovely and I love the fact someone else chooses the products for a kit – a real challenge that you rocked.