Daily Art Practice – April 29th

Hello and happy Saturday! Today I am stopping by to share another daily art practice journal page with you. These are always created using the Artistic Almanac 2022 as a starting point.

For this page I used white gesso on the background, then added Neocolor II crayons on top and mixed them with water. When everything was dry, I added pencil marks on top and finished the page off with another Klartext stamp sentiment. Fun and fast this time!

I also found the page so suitable with the sentiment on it and the accompanying sentiment that I added. Mine translates to: “Before you ask: no”. And yes, there is panic in the air stil. I was hoping my surgery would solve that problem, but it didn´ t yet, so I am still continuing this journey apparently. Thus the page just matches my recent feelings very well. Therefore it was very therapeutic to create it!

For me, crafting is therapy, I get to process feelings on pages and it always, always helps. I wonder if anyone of you does the same? Would love to hear how it has helped you guys.

Take care,
xxx, Sanna