Daily Art Practice – April 17th

Hello and happy Thursday! Today I am again stopping by to share another Daily Art Journal Practice page with you. This is again done using the Artistic Almanac as the starting point.

I used old card bases and book pages to add to the almanac page, then added some white gesso and washi tape strips on top. In addition to that there are again Klartext stamp sentiments on the page.

These translate to: “Me: turn the music on!”, “My life: Ach”. I really like playing with old, vintage bits at the moment. They add such a nice character to the pages!

My life being a rollercoaster ride at the moment, these stamped sentiments really spoke to me. Therefore I used them here :). I am now recovering from the surgery and hoping that I will not have to see a hospital from inside for a LOOOOONG time. It´ s been a tough ride the past years and I am wishing for a more normal life for a change!!! If you are a praying kind, I would not mind you putting in a word for me. Thank you!

Have a great day,
xxx, Sanna