Daily Art Practice – April 2nd

Hello and happy Saturday! Today I am again sharing another daily art practice page from my Artisti Almanac inspired art journal. This time a crazy collage type of page:

I am so much enjoying this again, I truly needed the break from creating in this journal. I find that my pages are much more free and crazy, I am not giving much thought to creating “beautiful” pages. I just go with the flow! And that feels good. From this process I am hoping to find some new techniques in the end and maybe new ideas and development.

I was gifted some magazines from a work colleague and after reading them I though it is a shame to just toss them. So I am adding lots of magazine bits to the pages recently (I bet you have noticed that). Here again on the background lovely Distress Paints, Distress Crayons and the almanac page from 2nd of April cut into small pieces and scattered around the page. The stamping is again Klartext. You might think, oh that is ugly! Yes, might be, but SO MUCH FUN!

See you next week with more pages to share!
xxx, Sanna