Daily Art Practice – March 28th

Hello and happy Monday! Today I am stopping by to share a page from my Artist Almanac inspired daily art practice journal with you. This one is done with clippings from a magazine. I haven´ t been doing these for a while now – I needed a break from the daily pressure of creating. Just didn´ t work for me with the busy daily life that I have.

I sneaked the Artist Almanac page into the magazine page and added a bold text to go with it. It translates to: ” Life is a white canvas and it is up to us to design it.”

This is not an artsy page, but rather just something I did very freely. No pressure of doing something specific in a specific way. And no video pressure here either as I stopped doing them daily :). I hope you still enjoy seeing these shares. Starting slowly with this routine again and warming up as I go, I guess.

See you again soon,
xxx, Sanna