You are wonderful

Hello and happy Friday! Remember last week when I created a slimline 70th birthday card? Well, while I was creating that one, I had some leftover tinted paste on my palette, so I wiped it into a brown background. As I looked it the next day, I wanted to make a card with that piece, too. Here is what I ended up creating:

I really like the fall colour combination of the paper with the stenciled roses on it. Then some Gonis lace border, some old paper flower in same colours, a brad from my junk box and a Klartext stamp on top and voilá! The card was done.

I really like the look of this card. And you know what happened? I ended up emptying the whole jar of the lace paste at ONCE!!! I figured I had so many molds in my stash that I could fill them with the paste and see what happens; if it will work with thicker molds too. And IT DID! So I have now plenty of decor pieces done and waiting to get used. I had totally forgotten how fun it is to work with molds. And this paste makes them a bit flexible, so they don´ t break that easily. I will make sure I let you know when I use them on my projects :).

Have a great weekend, lovelies!
xxx, Sanna